10 Week Challenge

ChallengesA departure from my normal technical reviews and ideas. The last month or two I have been really bad about my eating and further have made things worse by not getting in the exercise that I should be doing. I saw that Tera Costa (of Biggest Loser fame) is doing a 10 week challenge to get fit and such between now and the holidays. I am going to do the same and challenge everyone else who is interested to do the same.  10 weeks from now is basically Thanksgiving, but a push from there will keep it going through the holidays.

Not sure if I need to set something up here on my blog to support that effort or not, but to start with I am going to outline my plan for attacking things here and would like to follow-up with updates and any words of encouragement. I will do the same for anyone else that comments here that are interested in doing so, either here or over on your blog, or elsewhere (I am on MyFitnessPal – which is a great tool – just ask and I will friend you).

My plan… First, I have got to get back to not eating as much. I do not need to eat as much as I been as of late. I admit I have a problem – I love food. Especially food that is really well made and extremely tasty. Which of course is usually the food that particularly worse for you over all system. But I know from having done it back in the spring and early part of summer that I can limit my intake by having a sensible lunch, usually one of those boxed lunches from the frozen foods section. And by doing the same kind of things for dinner with a side vegetable or two my wife and I were doing great on the overall calorie intake.

Second, and this one is important for me, I have to get back to more regular and consistent exercise. I have the perfect excuse with the MS in heat of the summer, but summer is waning and cooler temperatures are beginning to prevail – not to mention I have a gym membership. So despite the feeling uncoordinated and off-balance as my body heat up with physical effort, I have to get back to where I am walking a brisk 1 to 2 miles on a mostly daily basis or doing some physical activity that is equivalent of that.

Who else is in?

** – Image from the Challenge Dr. website.

4 Replies to “10 Week Challenge”

  1. Ray, best of luck with this challenge! I recently completed the couch to 5k program which has a great app to help with motivation. I look forward to hearing how it goes!

    1. I saw something about the 5K program. Thinking after I get a few more pounds off this fall that will become a target for next spring/summer. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I love this blog article! So inspiring, Ray! You’ve honed the keys to feeling better and shedding excess weight into the two simple things we can all do to generate better health and well-being, eat less junk and move more. Glad to learn about the MyFitnessPal, which I’m going to check out.

    1. Glad to have put you on MyFitnessPal – really a great too. It has social aspects to encourage as well as the tools to really track your intakes and outputs, which is really what it all comes down. If the later is bigger then the former you are going to loose weight and get in better shape.

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