100 Day Challenge

Challenge CupJust a quick little post… there are several posting challenges that I am planning on participating in that are of course coming up in the next month or two. Namely there is is the NaBloPoMo that takes place in November (concurrently with NaNoWriMo) and another couple of others that I am going to detail more that are taking place in October. However, the one that has caught my attention more than any other is a 100 Day Challenge for the end of year.

While posting for a 100 days is great and certainly a great way to get a blog really going, I like the fact that is something that is kicking off at the end of the year and sets one up to lead off well into the beginning of the new year. And while I have seen this 100 day challenge specifically listed out as posting for the last 100 days of year, I have also seen it in more general terms regarding improving your blog and even more general than that, toward improving life – such as more time for yourself, loosing weight, getting better shape – all of which are areas that I need to work on a bit.

While it is a little late for anyone else to jump in on this as a full 100 days, giving the hour that I am writing this on the day of 100 days left in the year, feel free to take up the challenge for 99 days or even 98 days to post more and improve some other aspect of your life!

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