1387 Tortures

Second Hand LionsSpecifically it is the dungeon of 1387 tortures, a line that comes from Second Hand Lions, a movie of most excellent qualities. As I watch it on television for the umpteenth time that I have seen it I am reminded once again of just how much I love this movie. I am not sure the why I like it so much, other than as I get closer to where the two older men in the movie are in age I begin to understand the washed up feelings that are so represent in that movie. It is also worth noting that just about every person that I have ever watched that movie with at some point or another has indicated that I am likely to end up like the two main character and already have a lot of the characteristics that they have.

I picked the line of 1387 tortures with particular purpose though, as I am sitting here on a long holiday weekend and really feeling like I am there. In the first case, I am obviously feeling the age and feeling like I have a lack of accomplishment to show for things. I am looking back over the last year and really feeling a major let down with it especially. Don’t get me wrong, it has not all been bad. I have met some wonderful new people and made some wonderful friends. But on the other hand I am sitting here thinking of all the mistakes and wrong turns and such over the past year.

And that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg given the things that I am not talking about here in the blog that are currently going on my life. Mistake or blessing – I don’t know? Something to bring me to worry, yes. Something to make me pause and think about things, yes. I admit that the things going on at first made me think I would be inspired to do more, especially with both writing the books and posting here in the blog. However, the truth is I have thought about things much and that is about it. I have engaged in things as much as possible to run from my thoughts, to let me escape. And in so doing I am only made the tortures in my mind all the worse.

Anyway, enough of that dribble (I am sure this should convince me at some point later to not have a couple of bourbons and then be ‘inspired’ to post to the blog).

The movie itself stars Michael Caine and Robert Duvall as two older eccentric brothers who have as their favorite pastime shooting at travelling salesmen. It also stars Haley Joel Osment, who plays a young nephew. He is dropped off by a less than desirable mother for who knows how long and basically follows him through his coming of age. In the mix of things there is a background love story of Huck and Jasmine, a huge tale of money, evil sheiks, and heroism – which may be a second-hand lying, but also includes gardening by amateurs, antics of crotchety old men, and the purchase of a true second-hand lion who is also eventually named Jasmine.

I do not want to spoil anything for anyone but if you have not seen it is a wonderful movie and I think mostly suitable for the family. It is also a bit sad at times, but yet has an oddly happy ending and very funny throughout – giving a true range of full emotional outlet. It is an older movie and can probably be found on the $5.00 shelf at Wal-Mart or similar in the not so far off future, which would be well worth the price.

“Just plant us in the damn garden with the stupid lion.”