ACT Average – Scary

Bell CurveAs usual, one day last week when I driving into or home from the office I was listening to talk radio. The station, perhaps an NPR affiliate, was doing a local story relating to the results that were most recently released from the ACT. This was significant to the local news, as this was the first test that had required all students in I believe either the 11th or 12th grade in the state of Kentucky to complete the exam as a measure, regardless if they were college bound or not. This is an initiative that came out of Frankfort in some form or another and I think it is probably a pretty good idea.

There are some interesting things to note about the results that were reported on the radio, though a casual search on the internet could not find the same numbers, I am sure being skewed by either dated information or being a yearly composite instead of the results from one test date as that which was reported on the radio. First, in looking at the date I did find online, there are only two or three states are showing 100% of future/current high school graduates having taking the ACT. Kentucky, along with several other states, has over the last couple of years been showing a 70-80% of students having taken the test. As one could well imagine, those states that have only roughly near 20% of the current graduates taking the test have scores that tend to have an average composite score that a few points higher than those where an obvious larger cross-section, including some non-college bound students taking the test. Quickly, the composite scores average across all test dates for 2008 and 2007, broke down by state and national composite, as well as each of the four batteries that make up the test. Continue reading “ACT Average – Scary”


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My famous side, er, embedded notes: A friend commented to me the other day that it was hard to find the archives from this blog. Well, I have that turned on as of this morning in the old theme. In the new theme that I am experimenting with, there are two lists of the archives by month now showing! Double your pleasure.

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