Tech Notes

TechnologyOne of my things (and indeed really a part of the job as well) is keeping up with technology. I am of course usually much more interested in technology as it affects the larger scale of things, especially as it applies to business and such. One thing I am noticing though is that there is becoming a change in the way things work – instead of the business and then to the consumer, technology is going from the consumer to the business. It is kind of odd thing for me. I love technology, yet I am rarely a first adopter of new technologies that are mass consumer market oriented. For instance, first regular use of a cell phone for me – within the last three years. Realization that the “internet” was not all text-based information via telnet and FTP – 1997.

Anyway, that being said I have a pretty good pulse on things these days. Having seen, read, or even used some of these new things lately, I thought it might be good to share a few of them on a regular basis here on the blog. Continue reading “Tech Notes”

Selective Socialism

Money Blowing AwayBeing the fiscal conservative that I am when it comes to government I have to wonder what the heck the powers that be have been thinking on some of their recent choices. There are just to many wrong choices being made, but let me see if I can work trough them.

From my perspective I really can’t see how the government can justify the major bailout that it has recently made available to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yeah, I get it, at one point they were government programs. However, they had long since moved toward the private sector, having private investors and paying those private investors dividends as well as rewards on the stock market. They assumed private risk in order to potentially (and did for some time) a private reward and the private sector backed them, putting their faith Continue reading “Selective Socialism”