Mediterranean Easy Chicken Bread

Mediterranian Chicken Bread
Photo by Ray, licensed under the Creative Commons. Feel free to use, but try to give credit back.

I saw a recipe in a quick glance somewhere mid-week the week before last.  It sounded pretty good and I thought I would give a try with it.  Of course it was shrimp and clam based and I of course could not find it for anything the day before the grocery shopping and farmers market.  So, going off completely on my own, the following is roughly what I came up with as my approximate replacement using chicken instead of seafood, because that was the meat that I had available.  I will try it again sometime soonish with shrimp instead, and I will try to make sure that I let everyone know how it comes out.  On the general idea and somewhat recipe you can give a try if you want to recreate something close to what I had, along with some suggestions and ideas.

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** – Image is logo for Shotwell software.

Some may recall that sometime ago I had jumped into the Picasa as a photo organizer with both feet.  Of course, that was when Picasa, a Google product, had support for not only Windows and Macs, but Linux as well.  Granted, the support was  kludgy Wine based conversion that was pretty slow, but it worked and allowed it to be used on Linux with out the overhead of Windows.  Most anyone who is interested also probably knows that about a month (or maybe it has been two) Google announced that they would no longer be supporting Picasa on Linux going forward.  Much to my dismay, I had to search for something else as I rarely boot my desktop machine in Windows and even less does my laptop go there, but those are for other discussions. Continue reading “Shotwell”

WordPress 3.4

WordPress Logo
Image is 3-D version of WordPress Logo by 3Nhanced

I have been so out of the loop with WordPress of late, that I did not even realize we were about to get a new release of things until it popped up requesting an update on one of my sites this evening.  It hit at a good time as I made new full backups of all my sites last night.  I just had the short about time pulling a quick copy of my databases and then I quickly did that upgrade as well as updates to the themes and plugins that were quickly available.  So far it mostly looks good and shows some good work that has been done on the upgrade, with one minor exception that I have found on one of my sites.  Here are a few details about the release and the one problem I have seen.

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Gas Hike Reason

Gas Buddy LogoI am pissed!  Last week, middle of the day on Tuesday a station in the smaller town I was in raised their gas prices as I was going by from $3.29 to $3.65.  I let my wife and a couple of friends know that they should get gas if they were close to in need via text a little while later, anticipating that a big hike was in the works across every where.  I also waited with much anticipation to see what crazy stuff was going on somewhere, whether it be a refinery fire or shutdown, escalating stances from Iran again, or just some middle eastern uprising crisis otherwise that was causing the spike.  And nothing, no news at all, and though oil threatened higher on Tuesday,  the next 2 days oil prices actually fell sharply downward.  What the heck?

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