2013 Resolutions Score

FireworksA quick review of resolutions made as I prepared for a the new year back around the end of 2012.  I feel in order to recognize where and what you need to apply efforts to going forward, it is occasionally merited to look back for a minute and evaluate where and you have one has (and has not) accomplished.  So a quick little review of individual items and an overall score follow.  (See the related post 2104 Revolutions, er Resolutions)

  • Finish Boat Project – I am going to score this one as completed.  The actual wording and intent was to finish a boat project I had been working on off that still needed a lot of work, including a floor and engine overhaul.  Instead, last February I sold that and used the proceeds, along with a little more, to purchase a different boat that was mostly water ready.  I did on the 3-4th trip out have to repair a leak that nearly sunk it, but I spent a good time on the water in the new boat this year.
  • Blog More Regularly – I didn’t really think the blogging fits from 2012 could get worse, but they did.  A failing grade on this resolution.
  • Order to My Multiple Desks – I think I actually did okay with this one.  My desk at home being the one big exception, but even that has achieved some order, granted only in the last week or so.  Grudgingly I will give a check on this one.
  • Limit Clutter on Counter, Tables, etc – The kitchen table still gets stuff stacked on it all the time, without regard.  The coffee table is now out of my reach.  The counter has improved.  I can not go a full check, so lets call it around 50%
  • Lose Weight – I did get down a decent amount over the year, but I also got it all back by the end of the year.  A big all X for this one.
  • Get in Shape – Similarly, I feel I was getting toward being more fit, though still a long way to go, but all gains are lost at this point.
  • Eat Healthier – Ditto for the third time…
  • Fishing More – I actually blew this one out of water, probably having fished twice as much in 2013 as I did in 2012, maybe more.  Way to go for the win!
  • Tools and Books Organized – About 75% on this one, having sold a lot of the books and organizing most of the tools finally.  Still some work to do though.
  • Watch Less Television – A resounding yes, on a goal well accomplished.
  • Money and Adoption – I am going to say a push on this one.  After really pursuing hard initially, some deeper evaluation and we decided to hold off on this one for the time being.

Over all that is hitting near 50% – how did you do?

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4 Replies to “2013 Resolutions Score”

  1. Nice job putting your 2013 goals AND results out there for everyone. Way to take accountability for your results:-) While I didn’t publish my goals and results for last year, my results rate was more like 35%. I am review 2014 to ensure goals are realistic AND that I haven’t written more than 2 goals in each life area. After all, we generally can only do 1-3 things at a time with excellence!

    1. The thing that prompted me to do that was that I was seeing a couple of goals show up repeatedly over the last couple of years. I was thinking maybe I was not accomplishing anything, but that wasn’t the case. I was just not accomplishing some very important ones.

  2. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for posting such an interesting blog! I found you via the Ultimate Blog Challenge thing, and enjoyed browsing around. Wish I had more time right now to comment here and there, and I will as the year unfolds.
    Anyway, congratulations on your 50% mark on the resolutions. Way better than I would have done, I’m afraid.

    1. Thanks for the commentary and do come back and check out things later. The Ultimate Blog Challenge is a great tool to get started off on the right foot I think and be active with other bloggers always helps.

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