4 Figures a Month Blogging

Money StairsI am sure that everyone who is actively pursuing a blog with the aim to make a little bit of money on the side has seen some of these monthly reports of income broke out from the simple act of blogging, right? Some of them are even more going several month in a row hitting a 5 figure mark. I have to say it is fairly impressive and very inspiring.

Let me first say that I completely understand that Mephistos.com is not going to be one of those kind of blogs unless I change it a lot.  The most important thing is that it has to have a very precise focus.  That is not my enjoyment of this blog and I don’t think it will be its intent anytime in the future.  I do understand that knocks it out contention for the big potential earnings (though there was a time a few years back when I was hitting very near 3 figures a month – 🙂 ).

That is why I have the other blogs that I am working (at least in theory) up behind the scenes.  I see the things some folks are doing and I am nearly awestruck, but more importantly inspired.  Now, I am not sure anything that I feel passionate enough to blog about will ever turn into 4 figures, but those particular passions would move further along if they could inspire mid-to-high 3 figures a month.

Buckle down and get busy is what I have to do.  And to all those that share the income reports and especially the how’s and why’s of it be done, we salute and thank you!

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