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a decent proposalOr… what I did a few nights ago that had not been made public that was so interesting. I love the idea that is presented and thought it would be a fun thing to give a grand effort toward. I mean after all, this woman is clearly attractive, very active, passionate about a fair number of things. Beyond those qualities is the fact that she is a world traveler, apparently owns homes in New York City and Lake Tahoe, and is in general seems to be a very positive person. So, at this point, I am finding myself mildly feeling the sting of rejections, as I proposed my proposal several days ago and have, as of yet, not received a response.

I am sure at this point some of you are wondering just what the heck am I talking about, yes? Maybe a few of you have even figured out it is about a marriage proposal and are just scratching your head and wondering if I have gone insane. I guess it is time for a little bit of background and then I will come completely clean with my two (yeah, not just one, but two) proposed marriage proposals. It all started several nights ago when I was catching up on a friends blog from over in Russia, when I saw this advertisement paying for wedding proposals…

So the website is an art project about perceptions of and finding that most creative, original, romantic, or otherwise just awesome special moment. There is some indication that if the right guy were to be the proposer, after taking some time to get know one other she may very well carry through with a wedding plan, though I am not sure how serious that part of this actually is. Regardless, she is apparently ‘shopping’ for the best of the best proposals. By shopping, she is paying anywhere from $1.00 to $20.00 for the proposals. I think that aspect of things gives a nice play on it as well.

Regardless, when all the proposed proposals are received on December 1st, she (I think along with friends) is going to select upwards of five of them and actually make some sort of film/art project out of the proposals actually taking place. I think the idea is really original and pretty darn cool on top of it all, so I submitted a rather neat one and then had a second thought about things and threw that one in as well.

So, first idea – given my passion for medieval things and especially jousting, I suggested something to the effect of a big jousting tournament with lots of fans. I would take the field in her honor, whereupon I, attired in shining armor on my white charger would no doubt vanquish my foes given such an inspiration has her. After winning the tournament, whatever prize I should receive, would from the ground and I upon a knee laid at her feet and the honors asked… and the crowd of course all and to one swoons.

The second idea, which occurred as I was so looking forward to it and thinking of it, though I admit I was rather disappointed with our best two viewing evenings being rainy and think cloud cover. However, the idea is still there. A much more intimate encounter with just us two, perhaps a blanket, hot cocoa or even a decent bottle of wine. And as we relax and lay back watching hundreds of shooting stars overhead from the Leonids I suggest that one of my wishes is that she would marry me.

Okay – sounds deeply romantic on both accounts eh? Fairly original on a couple of accounts too, maybe not with some my immediate circle but outside the geeky life I lead and friends thereof, how many would joust in honor to win a mates hand? Anyway, alas, my desire is unrequited, for I have sent the proposed proposals to here nigh on three, maybe four days back and I have received nothing in response. Not even a thank you, we have received your proposals and will give them due consideration in the near future. Nay, I shall have to resort to finding a marriage mate the old-fashioned way I suppose and thus I as I look into the deep abyss of such efforts, I find the sting of rejection stinging all the more deeply!

** – image is from the site, …a decent proposal… – thinking the promotion is a good thing

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  1. My apologies in advance to the women of the world. My proposed proposals were met with a luke-warm response at best. Basically I was told on the first, where I spent the most effort that it was so cliche-ish and that I was perhaps just trying to met the romantic dream of the knight on the white horse. To which I am almost tempted to say, well duh! To the second, it was so much of a minimalist answer that was basically along the lines of it lacked details, concerning things like location and such. I am sorry, how much in the way of details should one expect in the solicitation of proposals via the internet? Anyway – I am not bitter. The rest of the women in the world are still fair game minus about a total of six, including ex -wife, a couple of ex-girlfriends, and now this woman to which I have proposed not once, but twice. So let me see, a near infinite number of choices minus six is still… complex math… near infinity!

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