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Me JoustingI am in my early forties, currently reside in Nicholasville, with my wife and my faithful dog, Bitzer. It is about forty minutes from the small town in central Kentucky where I was born and raised. I still have a goal of getting out to the country-side on a farm, but marriage and family plans, along with just getting organized has put that on hold for a little bit longer.

In the not so recent past, I owned a farm with someone else, where we raised a variety of livestock and occasionally some food crops to support the livestock. Anyway, things change, and despite my yearning for that lifestyle, I am temporarily without it. I still own a few horses, who are currently boarded here and there. I still have connections with several farmers and manage to get just enough of my fix.

I am employed as a Director of Information Technology with a regional group of newspapers. I recently taught a few college level classes at a technical/career college, but am no longer doing that. For those wondering, I do have a degree in computer science. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the pure computer science aspect of things, the technical figuring out of things, but at that level one typically doesn’t make the money of one such as a director that is more involved in the business decision-making process of the field.

I am fond of telling folks, truthfully mind you, that I spent just under half my years trying to get off the farm and I have now spent the rest trying to get back to the farm full-time and not starve in the process. Now, a caveat for those of you wondering, yes, one can go back to farming with big money and big business, but I want something more than just that (aside from my lack of big money). I want a simple, self sustaining, agrarian based life – at least most of the time that is what I want.

Me - Fall 2008And as I re-read this the up-tenth time myself, I realize that I left off my most exciting little calling card. As a hobby, not only do I own and ride horses, but I use those same horses in medieval jousting. Some of that is full on competitive jousting and other parts of it are just skills of arms from horse back that knights and the like would have used during combat and/or training.

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