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ALS Awareness

I was recently challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I had, before that time had a conversation with a good friend about someone else ice challenge where instead of using a bucket, they had dunked themselves in a tub of water with a good amount of ice.  I thought that would be a fairly unique way to complete mine as well.  What follows is the videos of that act in progress.  Note, I have already shared two of these on face book, but managed to find/get the first one that shows the amount of ice that was started with and just how warm it was and how rapidly the ice was melting.


Video (1)

Video (2)

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4 Replies to “ALS Challenge”

  1. I love peoples creativity in this challenge, I am sure it was still cold even though the ice melted quickly. I hope the person who was challenged takes it a step further. Thank you for sharing, I have not seen this one.

    1. Hopefully they will take it further – I have not heard as of yet. And yes, the water was still really cold with the ice melting even that quickly.

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