Amazon Fire Phone Fail

Amazon Fire PhoneA few months back, after I was more than past the time to get an upgrade and my old phone was starting to have some issues, I came up on a great deal.  Well, at least I thought it was at the time.  Amazon had their Fire phone on a deal for 99 cents and in addition to that they extended my prime for a year free of charge!
I should have realized the reason they were basically paying me $78 to take the phone was suspect.  I suppose I should state that the phone itself is not that bad of a phone over all.  The problem is what phone I was coming from I think in general.

Basically, I think if you were coming from a non-smart phone you would be exceptionally pleased with it,  However, in my case I was coming from a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have certainly had plenty of exposure to iPads and iPhones along the way.

There are in general two issues I have with the phone, one of which can sort of be worked around.  The first one, that can kind of be worked around is that it is built on Android, but it truly is a limited Amazon device.

You can not by default in a regular kind of way install software from the Google Play Store, but only from the Amazon Software Store.  This can be gotten around, by turning on to install from other sources.  Even when doing that though, often somethings will not 100% and others will require multiple steps to get it installed and working.

The biggest pain however is the weird way that Amazon does SMS messaging.  By being different, it does not work with any add-on third-party SMS software – like Zip-Whip in particular.

Kind of seems odd that just a few days ago I was talking about how awesome Amazon as a company is and now I am giving their phones down the road.  Really, everyone lays a bad egg on occasion.  And I did get a free year of Amazon Prim out of the deal, but I still feel like I got snookered a bit, considering it is a two-year contract extension – locking me in on changing anytime soon.