Anniversary & Updates

I was just about to write a short little note updating some things in my life and more particular what was going on here with my blog and such as that. As I started my usual checks of Facebook, MySpace, and the 400 other places I check online nearly daily, I realized the date. It was indeed this exact weekend sixteen years ago that I said some vows to someone. Sixteen years and a couple of days I was enjoying one the most wonderful weeks of my life, at a small local park that had cabins and camping, a playground with adult sized swings, frisbee-golf course, and caves that John Hunt Morgan reportedly regularly used as a hideout. All of that was combined with miles of woods and wildlife and beautiful overlooks of the Ohio river, as well as up close and personal as the vestiges of a by-gone era, the boats pushing the barges. Anyway… not something I want to dwell on much at all other than to note that we never really know what life will deal to us going forward. We can only be sure that it will be something at least a little bit different then what we had planned.

Enough of all that. I wanted to give a few updates on things going on with me and here at the Mephistos blog. So, as I am remember them, in no particular order, here you go. Oh, and you may want to check back later, if you care about such things, as I will likely think of several other things after I click the publish button.

  • First to mind is that I really appreciate the increased number of readers here at the blog. I especially appreciate that as about 10,000 of my best buddies – well okay, really I only know about 100 of them – have been in Pennsylvania pretended to be medieval warriors and homesteaders for the last two weeks. That means the record number of page views will likely get reset all over again next week when everyone returns.
  • Interesting tidbit, the traffic pattern here ramps up on Tuesday to a peak on Wednesday and begins slumping down on Thursday to anemic proportions on Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday tend to go up and down sporadically without any seemingly predictable pattern.
  • An irony, right I was deciding I was for sure going to write a book and trying to decide which of the book thoughts I was going to focus on first, I had no less the four friends, who did not know (shame on them, they were not reading the blog daily) tell me I should write a book.
  • A few people are starting to comment. I love to hear back from folks, so post away.
  • I am feeling a little like one the transcendentalist of old, as I have at least in a vague way headed to the woods and mountains of eastern Kentucky for the weekend. The plan is to do a few fun things, but also to have the time to write.
  • To that end, I should note after much debate I am working on not one, but two books at the same time. I don’t want to spoil too much, but one of the topics is something I have wanted to do for LONG time and everyone I have bounced the idea off seems to think it makes sense. Additionally that second book requires very little research and I am knocking out 2000-3000 words a day when I take the time to write. Anyway, as soon as I get a little polish on what is written I have a plan to post it to the web.
  • I have been posting an average of about one post a day for several weeks now. I know, sometimes they are a little light and lame (like this one – but sometimes I just need a break). It is interesting to observe, when I started that challenge with myself I had about 20 posts in mind. As I have posted nearly every day for three or four weeks, I now have over 40 posts in either draft, a thought in my head, or some minor notes on notebook page state. It would seem the more that I write the more I am inspired to write.
  • A good number of those posts have to do with a topics I have meant to visit more often, including farming, horses, jousting, movies and music.
  • I am here to really focus on having a good time first and writing on the book second, I am not sure where I will end up with blog posts this weekend. Of course there is an instant satisfaction with writing a blog. In usually less than an hour, I can go from thought to something complete and published, so it may be that on Monday there will be no new posts or ten new posts. Time will tell I suppose and I don’t think if there are ten blog posts that it indicates I did not write any on the books.
  • Got my driver’s license renewed this morning. What a painful process. So I got crap because I had an expired license the other day with an incorrect address. I go to get it renewed and they will not do it because I have nothing that shows my current address, as I get everything sent to a P.O. box. Ended up having to call the bank to have them fax something official with my physical address on it. I have to wonder though, as there was nothing to really verify the official nature of the document, how easy it would be to go make something up on the computer, print and fax it myself.
  • By the way, Kentucky drivers license renewals have jumped from $8.00 a few years ago to $20.00 now, that makes the process even more painful.
  • Bitzer got her yearly checkup this morning. The new vet loves her, thinks she is as smart and well-behaved as they come. She checked out all okay, except, as we suspected she is getting wormed now.

Well, that is all I can recall now, but I am sure I will add a few more at a later moment.

Addendum: It has been approximately five minutes since the original publication and I have already added an item to the above list – guess which one.