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Over the last few weeks, I have been watching a show called Rivermen on the History Channel network. Not sure why, but it caught my interest one night and I decided to catch the next few episodes. Earlier this week, it concluded its run, I believe. But as I was watching the final episode I am left with having to call bullshit.

Kentucky Derby Picks

As promised yesterday, I am following today with my 2015 Kentucky Derby picks. If you are curious about the Oaks, that link will take you to my picks for that race that I posted yesterday. And yes, we are now less that five days until the Derby will run Saturday evening on May 2nd (first Saturday in May) around 6:45 – the fastest and by far, most exciting two minutes in sports.

Oaks Picks

We are just under a week away from the Kentucky Derby and even closer to the Oaks, which will run on Friday afternoon/evening. As per my usual I am pretty excited about the upcoming weekend and greatly looking forward to it. As also is my usual, I have my picks and some insight as to why they are my picks. I am going to give mine for the Oaks today and follow-up with my Derby picks tomorrow.

TopCashBack – Get $15 Free.

Not my usual thing, but I had such a good experience with e-bates back earlier in the year that when I saw this deal I figured why not. So the basics are sign up with TopCashBack. Click the link I have provided below and purchase a gift card from Raise. A few weeks later get your $15 in your TopCashBack account.

Code is Poetry

I have not done much coding at all the last several years and really almost none professionally. I have had the occasion of late to apply my skills at some limited coding when I was making some alterations to the most recent theme here on the blog. In the process of doing that, I realized just how much I missed it.


Not sure if anyone else saw the segment yesterday morning on CBS’s Sunday Morning show about subscriptions, but it was so spot on with my feelings toward subscriptions. I can remember back in the day when, as was referenced, you purchased a TV, brought it home and you had TV for life for free. Albeit that was in the day of being lucky if you had 3, maybe 4 channels with PBS. And then came this thing called cable and you had to pay a monthly fee to get a few more channels and the Jeanie was out of the bottle at that point.

Oops! I Did It Again…

I know, terrible reference to a questionable song, but I did do it again. The it being changing the theme on the blog. The one that was in use before was seeming to me at least a little crowded and didn’t necessarily really fit. And today, I happened onto a site that was using this theme (or some variation thereof) and with a bit of research, I found Anders Noren’s website and…


I was thinking the other night when driving out late away from town on one of the few clear evenings we have had of late, how many more stars that I could see. That brought me to the some memories of when I lived in the mountains of Virginia and I could see perhaps around a million of more stars that I was seeing the other night…

Penn Diet Success Inspiration

Penn (yes of Penn and Teller, the magicians fame) has recent dropped over 100 pounds on a diet of eating healthy. The whole story was he was feeling terrible and on five medications for high blood pressure. Doctor made some small remark about loosing 30 pounds would make it much easier to manage and a 100 (or whatever it was) maybe no medications at all. That inspired him.

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