Wrangler – Men’s Rip-Stop Cargo Pants

Wranger Rip-Stop Cargo PantsI am extremely disappointed a not so far off purchase.  I am not sure which if us does not understand for sure, but either Wrangler or myself does not understand what rip-stop means.  I bought two pair and both pair, after fairly regular use, have ripped, and continued to rip at the location of the rip, in under three months or less. Continue reading

Super Conductor

Quantum ComputerLast night I was restless but past the time of wanting to do anything useful.  So after wasting some time on a stupid cart racing game on the Amazon Fire TV (more to come about both at a later date) I stumbled upon an old friend, Nova.  Nova is a science nerd’s buffet, granted on a weekly basis of often in-depth looks at some scientific principal.  Last night was getting super cold, but the part I found so interesting was of course the super conductors that are found at those really cold temperatures. Continue reading

Linux – Old Times

LinuxOne of the odder things about my new job is the use of a Windows machine, especially after hardly touching Windows outside a server or troubleshooting someone else’s computer for the last seven years or so.  So, I am allowed to put Linux on my work laptop, but for some reason it is giving me some trouble.  I was determined last night and so stayed up very late and eventually went to bed without success… Continue reading