Back Home

vacationJust in case you missed it, I have been on vacation some over the last little bit. Prior to that and up until today I have been either crazily prepping to go or recovering – not to mention all the extra stuff that I felt had to be resolved at the office. However, I am back in full force now and pleased to be so. There are many posts that will end up in all of my blogs that involve things over the recent vacation, so look for those shortly. In the meantime, a little tease here and there and a little bit of catching up are in order.

One of the best things about being back home of course is the wonderful reunion I had with Bitzer. Her happy dance at every sight of me since returning is nearly worth heading off for a while anyway. Of course she has been in a rather foul mood both while we were gone and even since we have returned – most particularly expressing her displeasure of the absence on the carpet. Since returning, anytime I leave after having returned from the normal workday she has done similar. I am sure in a day or so she will move past this issue, but she is starting to be a mild aggravation with this expression.

Two things I was extremely intent on doing while away was a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the medieval exhibits (especially the armour) and to get a specific book at Strands (home of eighteen miles of used books). A third big one on my list was the Cloisters, but that one did not happen. I did get to see the armour though and loved it beyond believe. While there I think I took about three hundred pictures and will be looking forward to some time to get through all of those and get them online in some form or another. The book of course was a hardback copy of Barber and Barker’s book Tournaments to replace the soft back copy which was very abused and in sad shape. Happily this was accomplished and another several hundred books found – though not acquired.

Since returning home, in addition to catching up on the myriad of things, I have realized how much I have gotten sucked into the television since settling in here. Part of that has been a lack of the office area (which has not been had for some months even before that) and the lack of focus that develops with computer in the lap and the television playing. That has been resolved, at least somewhat. The office upstairs, while a long way from organized and hitting full functionality, is at least close enough to now sport a computer desk and a workspace, despite the environment all around the desk in the rest of the room. The good news is, I believe by spending more time up here, the organization that is so sorely needed will come fairly quickly in order to keep my sanity.

While working on the room this evening, prior to actually getting the computer up to full throttle I quickly realized the need for a white board and cork push-pin board. Those have been acquired and put into service, having notes, reminders, and such both already. I do think the white board may have to ultimately have a second one placed into service to fully accommodate my needs, but I am good to this point.

As a quick wrap up, do expect many blogs over the next several days on a variety of subjects. The vacation not only has given me several ideas, but it has also re-inspired me in many ways to actually act up on the topics by writing. This evening I am posting this one and will probably write a couple more before retiring. Additionally, I have done a remarkable job of cleaning out old topics that are no longer relative (and were never flushed out into a blog). I still have the thirty plus topics and all the newly inspired ones though. Enjoy the reading…