Bad Language

Bad LanguageTwo thoughts for the price of one blog. First is the horrid use of the English language in some of my previous posts here on Mephistos, which includes half thoughts, typographical errors, outright misspellings, a few confused words and more. It really is ugly. The second has more to do with the bad language, or, ahem, naughty words, that I am sure a few of you were thinking when you read the title of the blog upon your arrived. More about that one here in a bit.

I had the opportunity to review a few of my own my posts of late. Some of these post go back several months and some even years in time. This was prompted by more than the usual looking in the archives recently by some close friends and some of their comments. As I was looking over the posts I was noticing the ill-use of the English language. As noted above, such wrongs have included a lot, ranging from simple spelling and typographical errors, to the more obvious wrong verb or tense, to just odd half thoughts mingled together in some sort of phrase.

I have a “new” plan. Over the next few weeks I am going back through the old posts as time allows with an aim toward editing. Further, I am going to try to spend a bit more time with the typical draft before I publish it. That last plan is going to a bit harder, as usually I feel so behind and in a rush to a get new post out on the blog. I am sure I will likely regret saying that – likely enough there will be several errors in this post.

A switching of gears is now in order – still speaking of language though. What is up with all the potty mouths of late? I know I personally can not say too much. I tend to ebb and flow with the foul language, especially depending on who I am around and what the topics of conversation have been. I do on occasion get in that mode where I am just throwing in a word to make a point – that was really not required. I will still blame my foul mouth on the time I was in college and worked at IBM. In the model shop the crew was mostly a bunch of old gentlemen, several of whom were World War II and Korean War vets. They could take the paint off a wall if in a pinch.

On the other hand, in the near recent past, I have started making an attempt to curb that behavior. As I have endeavored the one thing I have noticed is the extreme potty mouths on women. Maybe, just maybe, it is not a radical increase in the words of such coming from the fairer sex, but it sure does seem as such from my perspective.

And ladies, while it seems like I am on your case a bit, let it be known that I find the inserting of foul language just because on a mans part equally distasteful. Coming back though, a lady who swears constantly as if she were a sailor quickly looses a huge part of the appeal of being a lady and becomes just a woman – if that makes sense. So I challenge those of you with such flowery language to make an effort in the short term to clean it up – just I am doing so with my own language and cleaning up the bad English in my blog as well.

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  1. It is funny that you have a few errors here, like missing a “be” and “as” but not to many mistakes in this one…Good Job!

  2. I think the errors come from this being a “stream of consciousness” kind of thing – I find I type blogs and things faster than anything else…trying to get the thoughts out and on to the page before I forget them.
    On the cussin’ front; I’m a big fan of Shakespearean curses. If you have to stop and think about your cussing, either you don’t do it, or you do it in a creative way. I would find a man calling me a “scurrilous knave” almost attrative; shows he’s got a brain.

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