This is the beginning of this blog. I feel like there should be something profound here, especially since I originally turned this thing on more than a few months ago and had kind of waiting for the right moment to proceed. That has not occurred as of yet. There are plenty of excuses, some of which might even start to hold up as being valid. A few that I could offer is the dividing up of property between myself and ex-girlfriend, including a house and farm, horses, dogs, and cats; the fact that I teach part-time and work a full-time job; the full-time job has had a recent promotion to director of information technology; budget cycles; and some general soul-searching. However, excepting possibly the last one, I do not think that any of those are a valid reason for not having started this.

Another beginning, of sorts, deserves mention here as well. I have had some notes for a book that have been around since at least 1991 or 1992, maybe even as far back 1989 for some of it, when I think on it. I have some notes floating around in my head for another one as well. I admit, from the beginning, I am not the best of writers. Actually, I guess my brain is pretty much wired to the other side – being more logic oriented (although I have my thoughts about this whole right and left brained thing too – maybe another comment sometime – and now I see why I have never started this before, I can’t narrow my thoughts for long enough to let my fingers keep up with things… 🙂 )

Back to the books, the first is set in a high fantasy environment. Think along the lines of Tolkien – who incidentally is my all time favorite author. The main character is basically a charming scoundrel and the story will follow his realization of how far he has fallen and then, as the fates have their play with him, his chance and redemption through heroic deeds, but more importantly his own realizations of things. The second idea is a historical fiction work, set in and around Kentucky primarily during the civil war. A man who is part of an extreme religious sect will rebel against his blood family and the extended family of his faith to join in and support his beliefs regarding the war. The question of redemption could come in here too, but the greater question is probably who needs the redemption – the person that acts on his beliefs or the person who stifles his beliefs for some greater good. Anyway, the note here of these book ideas is that I have actually started to write the first book as of sometime a couple of days ago. Granted, so far I have not written much more than a revision of something that is on some noted page already, but I couldn’t find that noted page. I an intrigued by the this idea of writing a book in a month – I am a bit late to start it for November, but I am thinking that writing a book in three months or so is a more attainable goal.

Along with new beginnings, previous chapters must come to a close. I have already noted a couple of them in passing and I am not sure if they need more notation then what exists. For instance the ex-girlfriend thing. Who were we kidding, that should have ended at least three or four years ago, possibly longer then that. And in all honesty, as I look back, I am not sure it should have been anything more than a fling. I do not say that to be hurtful, I say that to be honest. As we continued on we become more and more tied together, but lacked the basic fundamentals that one really should have in a relationship.

Another thing that is at least for now coming to an end, largely due to the end of the relationship, is my attempt to move toward a more simple existence. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I spent eighteen years getting off a farm and another eight trying to figure out how to get back to one without starving. It is possible, but it requires either a drastic change in ones lifestyle or a major outside job. Anyway, the dog and myself and one or two horses will move on to something else, but no longer will there be a plan to raise a market fresh garden or antibiotic steroid hormone free pork. Instead I will turn my focus back to maybe some contractual programming and definitely some more gentle pursuits, such as the writing.

The other thing that has already come to a close, a few weeks back, but that still has a loose end out there or two is the few women that I have seen and even had interest in of late. There have been several, but most were only a dinner or a visit here and there. There are perhaps some additional things that need to be said here, but I will save that for another blog as well.

There is also some change that is not really a new beginning, but at least a major turn in direction. I will continue the enjoyment of horses and such, but as noted, it will be on a different scale. The occasional trail ride, the occasional jousting trip, perhaps some day big pretty horse that will prance and dance and have feathers at his feet – perhaps instead a different breed of gaited horse that doesn’t have the negatives as much as the one I have been associated with to this point. I will plan on continuing with jousting, but as has been moved toward this summer, on a much more historical level, continuing toward getting a better kit, etc. Perhaps even the one thing I have always wanted to do, a bit of American Civil War re-enacting.

Now that I am rambled on for over a 1000 words, one is probably beginning to wonder what the point of this blog is. Well, at some point, fundamentally I do hope that someone will read it. For the near time though, I consider this blog more as an open journal, at this point written more for myself. Something that I can come back and have to measure myself with on occasion, mayhap, even look back in a few weeks and think what an almost love-struck fool over angel or some such. Anyway, it is something fits in well with a thought that I often have. The modern-day world of disposal is going to leave a big void, especially with those in my generation and following. You go back a bit and people wrote journals and diaries – today maybe blogging? But the big place we are going to lose, people wrote letters and they were kept. Today we get 100’s, even 1000’s of emails daily and we delete all but a very few of them. One other thing, I figure the closest thing most of us have to immortality is making a mark on society or writing something that will be referred to by future generations. Unfortunately, there are few places for most of us to make a mark on society that will be remembered much beyond the generation after us – so my attempt at immortality will be to put words down. Perhaps someday, when I make a bit of a mark with a book or something else the words will be worthwhile.

Well, now that I am getting closer to two thousand words and still have not closed, I will move that direction again. The band that is playing here is doing their first set. They are SO young – another reminder of my age. They kind of remind me of a modern Simon and Garfunkel – a little bit more edgy with some of the music – and I think it is original lyrics – which is interesting that someone so young will have such deep insight and opinions. I also think some influence of the beetles – especially the non-fluff stuff. Perhaps they are cover songs that I lack familiarity. I think the name is Dickie Haydon – though that may be the singer’s name? An interesting side note, there is a family, Mom, Dad, two daughters and son, all the children under eight is my guess, but what do I know of such things. I think it was accidental they are here, maybe not. The kids are kind of not sure about the music, but are enjoying the sweets and hot chocolate and well-behaved, especially to be in such an environment. The littlest girl in her pink coat, with the icing on her cheek and drinking the hot chocolate through a straw is cute and indeed makes me reflect on my above noted desires even more, even brings to question the why of having waiting so long and been so positive about my choice otherwise in the past.

I am going to enjoy the rest of gyro, drink more coffee, and quit being so rude to the band….

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