Bidvertiser Failure

BidvertiserBidvertiser, as an advertising company is an epic failure in my opinion and if I were paying for advertisement I would be irate with them. A little background is in order, I am sure. A few months ago I got serious about pursuing advertising and sponsorships to help offset the costs associated with hosting and supporting not only Mephistos, but the several other blogs I have as well. Granted, I still have some serious work to do, especially in regards to actually getting some sponsorships, but the advertising as been pursued in-depth. On advertiser solution I decided to pursue was with a company called Bidvertiser.

First, I will say that they do a nice job of promoting their own site. I found them when specifically looking for advertising and specifically looking for something that would support advertising including into my RSS feeds. Additionally they are advertised as a pay-per-click advertising operation, which while low in payment has the possibility of a stream of small income while waiting for the bigger dollars from actual revenue sharing advertising to come into play. Given the seeming win-win of the situation I went ahead and signed up. Also worth noting is the $20.00 of free advertising available if registered and I was thinking it could not hurt, so I will come back to that.

So, I signed up as a publisher and got everything set and starting pushing some ads. The documentation says plainly that initial ads will be the lowest of any payments because your sight has to be approved for higher amount ads – I am fine with that and expect it. However, after nearly three months, my sites were still serving the same four to five ads consistently and worse, one of those was a house Bidvertiser advertisement. Is that the only advertisers they actually have available?

Additionally, during the trial time I had them listed on my site, I had several occasions where the entire rest of the page would load and excepting the Bidvertiser slot. Sometimes I would get a bit of code, sometimes I would get nothing, and other times I would get a message stating the server was not available, please try again later. Over the time I was doing testing after noticing this trend, my number indicate this occurs roughly 50% of the time during the general day, less in the middle of the night. On multiple occasion I opened a trouble ticket regarding this, went through a first round the tech support, provided screen shots when requested and was told they were looking into the matter. A month has past since the last indication of any response on their end without an offer of resolution or why? Of course in my mind the why is easy to guess, underpowered equipment for the volume they are trying to serve. Anyway, the over all point to this is I needed something that is actually going to show up on my site consistently, with out occasionally doing a code spew to mess up other things on my site. If you can’t do it nearly 100% of the time, I will find some other paid for click operation that will.

One other thing – my account shows zero clicks to this day. However, I know that at least two people clicked on the ads from other locations showing different IP addresses, etc. Makes me really wonder if the count is at all correct. I know my other advertising of this nature, while likely generating a better set of related ads performs a LOT better than 0%.

You may be thinking, yeah, but what about the feed advertising – that is what I really wanted – right? You would be correct. However, the feed advertising is technically listed as being in beta. Though you do not find that out until after you sign up for the site and go through a bunch of hoops. I have tried every week, for multiple site feeds going on eight week to get a feed signed up and authorized for feed advertising through Bidvertiser. My result has always been the same. I fill in the information, click submit, and after about three minutes it finally gives me a message like this:

Server Error
An error has occurred while processing your request.
Our engineers have been notified about this error and are working to resolve it.

At one point I also submitted this to tech support and this one they did answer. The answer was it is a beta service only, but keep trying it will eventually work for you. Sorry, but here are a couple of points. Beta should only be beta for a while and then it should be a release candidate and eventually a release (despite Google’s warped philosophy on the matter). Second, try and try again is only good to a point. If there is never a success no one it going to pursue it indefinitely.

Lastly, you may recall the free advertising of $20 value offered? I have tried to verify my account on three occasions and have been unable to do so on any attempts at this point. I am beginning to wonder if the site is a live but abandoned project that was just left in the internet sphere. Anyway, based on my experience as a publisher using the network I doubt the free $20 of advertising would have been worth it anyway.

Bottom line, I strongly suggest that everyone considering advertising on feed or on their site avoid Bidvertiser. Similarly, it would seem the flip side of advertising using their system is problematic, the most worrisome is how often does your ad actually get served and was it counted without being served anyway?