Bob Evans – Brannon Crossing

Bob EvansA few weeks ago, I had told my wife I would treat for breakfast. I have known for sometime that one of her favorite places to have breakfast is Bob Evans and there was one pretty close two where we needed to head afterwards. So that was the plan. Breakfast itself was pretty good, but I got a bit of indigestion when the check came. It was a mild case initially, but when I pointed things out to the staff and received not one bit of sympathy or even concern, it became worse I am in doubt of my return to that particular Bob Evans anytime soon, if ever again.

To review, the morning started out nice enough. After we were seated, fairly quickly the waitress approached to get a drink order. Coffee and ice water for both of us. Later she returned and my wife ordered some sort of omelette and I am not sure what else. I ordered the steak and eggs, and since the breakfast came with a biscuit I added a side of gravy. That side of gravy was to be the latter point of contention.

I had looked in the menu, and in the section for al-la-carte breakfast items, a side of gravy was listed at a price of $1.99. Granted, I thought that was a bit steep for what is a little milk and flour heated up. Especially steep, given that Bob Evans probably makes it from a packet mix in a big batch and only needs to ladle it out as needed. But regardless, I wanted gravy for that biscuit and was willing to pay for it.

It is important to note three things at this point. First, the waitress did not in way suggest or hint at the fact that there was a choice of regular gravy and sausage gravy (the same gravy I believe, with sausage crumbled up in it to give additional flavor). Second, is that fact that I specifically asked for a side of gravy, not a side of sausage gravy. Now granted, had I known of the choice and the fifty cents price difference I would probably opted for the later – after all when spending $1.99 for gravy, what is another fifty cents? But the point is I asked for one and the waitress did not in any verify if I meant the other or not. Third, as should be obvious, I had not noticed that several lines down in what I later saw in the menu was a listing for side of sausage gravy for $2.49.

I was brought sausage gravy, but at this point as I was enjoying my breakfast I thought that is what I had ordered. No one had pointed out differently I emphasis again and it was clear what I had ordered. Breakfast was good, my steak was cooked to the perfect medium and the eggs were perfectly over-easy. The gravy on the biscuit the perfect side item to accompany. And yes, for those wondering, I could feel my arteries hardening as I finished eating.

The check came and as we finished up coffee before heading out, I casually looked it over as is my habit. The number of mistakes so often made between order and check writing more the merits it and if you are not careful you will quickly end up paying for a lot more than you received. This a general statement, not just Bob Evans. Everything looked right except my side of gravy was, surprise, fifty cents more than I had expected.

As I went to the counter to pay, I pointed this out to the lady behind the counter. To which she said she was sure the price on a side of gravy was $2.49, not the $1.99 I recalled. I said I could be wrong, but let me see a menu to be sure. She pulled one out, and sure enough, right were I had looked was a side of gravy for $1.99 but a few lines below, where her finger was pointed was a side of sausage gravy for the $2.49. I objected, saying I specifically had ordered only a side of gravy, not a side of sausage gravy – despite what the waitress had brought to my table. This was met by the response of something along the lines that there is an automatic assumption if you order a side of gravy you want the sausage gravy and that is what they always bring. I again pointed out that is wrong but was told she could not do anything about it.

At this point, I gave up, paid the bill and told the cashier to point out to the waitress that the fifty cent overcharge based on an assumption was going to be the cause of no tip and left. Do not get me started on tips mind you, I have strong opinions about that aspect of things. Bottom line, Bob Evans of Brannon Crossing in Nicholasville – you have been McAfeed and I will not be back anytime soon!

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*** – Originally published on, November 18, 2010.