Breath of New Life

Morning MistI have a plan in mind… A plan to revise this blog from the ashes that it has slipped into.  A plan that involves getting back to blogging consistently.  A plan involves some motivation and direction.  A plan to split off a couple of categories into different, narrowly focused weekly blogs.  What follows is the plan in words – next time the plan in action…

Mephistos – This very blog you are reading right now will continue (and even be reborn, as daily post have not happened here in a LONG time with any consistency)  I know at least right now the focus things destined for blog post will be my occasional odd rant, politics and such that catch my fancy, as well as sporting events and just my occasional observations on life in general.   And it should go without saying, some cleanup on tagging and categories needs to be done, as well as just cleanup in general. What will leave this blog and become its own, at least weekly blog?

YouCanUseTech – Will split off and become a blog itself.  The aim is not quite the beginner but someone who has some tech and needs to take it to the next level.  Sometimes it may go back to the beginning level, just depending.  The focus will obviously be technology – but that is a wide area.  Sometimes it may cover something to do with you mobile device, next up maybe it talks about an extension to your browser followed by a cool plugin for your blogging platform.  Right now I am still getting a handle on just what it is going to be.  I expect to post there weekly at least but I anticipate bi-weekly initially and will just see how things go for there?

FishNStory – Something I have started and played with for a little over a year ago, but it is time to get serious.  As you can probably guess from the name it is about fishing.  Sometimes I plan to share a story about a fishing outing or at least the recollection of such.  Other times, and more often than not, it will be a tip about something that works well for me or someone I know.  The tips could be about the way to use a bait, something that is helpful with the boat, or anything else, so long as it can be related back to fishing in some way or another.

FastandCheapDiet or CheapandFastDiet – A joint project that is at the idea stage being implemented but has kind of stalled.  The idea is the packaged food that readily available on store shelves and freezer aisles – that if eaten instead of eating out or other options, can lead to both a smaller food bill and smaller waistline.  The plan is to evaluate the food on some criteria, including taste, hunger satisfaction, and of course cost while tracking weight loss.  Not 100% of the partner is still into it, so evaluating the URL – but should know soon.  This should be at least a daily post if not more if it gets off the ground as it should.

Cooking – Note the lack of a URL.  This one has not been settled for sure as of yet, but I have more than a few recipes I have come up with myself, and I am always trying other things and making them my own.  I am thinking a weekly posting of recipe, complete with pictures and such of what it is and what my thoughts are about it, any changes I would make (if not my own recipe of course).

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