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InfoLinksAs was alluded to in my post yesterday, I need to get some focus while moving forward with a plan across my various blogs to move more toward a professional money generating endeavor instead of just an expensive hobby. To that end, over the next few weeks there are some plans that are starting to coming together to drive a little bit of income out of things. First up on this front is the implementation and integration of a web advertising service called InfoLinks.

I have already (just yesterday) signed up and implemented the InfoLinks service here on Mephistos – you can probably see it if you look around here a bit, as it will show up as a slightly bolder font with a dotted line beneath it in the body text of a blog post. The idea is a simple one, but supposedly effective. Basically, we all have trained ourselves over the last few years to either consciously or perhaps subconsciously block out the advertising that is around the edges of the main content that we are after. InfoLinks helps fight the advertising block by including links directly in the text that is relative to the text itself. So in theory, you are getting a link to something that relates to the words you are using and the linkage is right where readers have their focus anyway.

For my personal taste, the double bold underline green text that was used by default for the fonts of the links was just a little much of a distraction. So instead, I used the tools available up on the InfoLinks website to change the default so that is slightly bold compared to the rest of my text and put a dotted line under. It is still a noticed link, but it not so noticed to be a pure distraction from the text.

How does it work? According to the website, they pay you based on engagement with the links and the amount of traffic that is coming to your website. Engagement was a bit unclear, as it does seem to be clearly driven by actual clicks, but at lest one part of the website suggests payment for views. I suspect, that is a very limited case for that, but time will tell I suppose more than anything else.

How do you get paid? As one might expect, you have to reach certain payment thresholds to actually get funds sent to you. The limit generally is just $50.00, though for some payment options (namely wire) it is $100.00. As for delivery options they offer wire transfer, ACH direct to you account, Pay-Pal, and several other options. Surely you can find one that works for you from the various options available. They pay within 45 days of you having reached the payout threshold. Oh, and they do require tax information, at least for those of us based in the United States.

Other details? Just go to to sign up for an account. It takes about two days for the process to complete according to the site, as they do review your site for content – though I did not see particulars on that. My review was complete much sooner than even that. From there for a standard webpage you have a snippet of code you begin to include and you done. If you have one ot big platforms for blogs (like WordPress or Blogger) or even the Joomla CMS you can just download and install a plugin and away you go.

Oh, and one more thing… As might be expected, your ability to generate funds from this opportunity is clearly driven by the traffic you have and engagement that traffic gives you. So anything you can do to both increase your website traffic and engagement will be good things. This would include, but not be limited to posted regularly, with good high quality content, regular interaction with your readers, and of course plenty of interaction on social media sites.

So, I have it installed and running – check back with me next month to see how I am doing and if I can really stretch any small earnings potential with additional traffic generation.

** – Image is one of several logos from InfoLinks website.

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    1. Somewhat of an alternative to Google’s Adsense, though it functions in a completely different way and there is really no reason why it could not be used in conjunction with Adsense.

  1. I do block out ads – either by ignoring them or by using ad and popup blocking software. I do like the idea but was looking for an example of exactly what it looked like in this post. It wasn’t the “infolinks” link, was it, because that didn’t seem to fit the description. I was just curious. At this time my blog is not part of a business or set up to make money for me, but one never knows when that might have to change.

    1. Alana – No, it was not the infolinks link. It would have been on key words and they would have been only slightly bold and with an underline. I suspect that you ad blocking software was also blocking those from you as well. That is interesting to note that it does that part of things as well. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Sounds like a good way to get your foot in the door of Internet marketing, but don’t get too comfortable. When you’re ready, dip your toes into the product creation pool and make even more money! 🙂

    Let me know how it works out for you!

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