Chuck Norris, teenagers, and presidential hopefuls

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris is apparently a major player in the presidential primary campaigns for the 2008 election cycle. First, just to keep Chuck from coming and wanting to kick my behind-end, let me state that I have no problem with him endorsing any candidate he wishes (my understanding the nod goes to Huckabee). Nor do I have any problem with his stumping for said candidate, especially on issues that Chuck holds dear and feels that candidate is the best man or woman for the job. What I do have issue over is the marketing power of such folks as Mr. Norris (and I am sure there others like him) and the way the candidates have recognized this and are fully taking advantage of it.

I admit I was intrigued when going down the road, NPR said something about Chuck Norris doing a speech for Huckabee. Then they started interviewing some teenagers that were at a New Hampshire rally (and this may have been footage from Monday – don’t actually recall now). It was interesting that the teenagers really didn’t care what issue that Chuck Norris was talking about nor did they really care about what Huckabee was representing, but rather, they were just excited that Chuck Norris – Mr. nice guy that will kick your behind-end if you deserve it with one arm behind his back – was there. Case in point, at least one guy showed up with books to be signed, and it was implied many others did as well. They spent more time in the report talking about how tough is Chuck and never mentioned any issues that he feels strongly about (like education and school prayer). Getting youth excited, maybe not such a bad thing. Maybe they have the wrong reasons, but they can’t vote yet – right? WRONG – at least one interviewer was eighteen, had not really considered a candidate, but Chuck was so tough that he was going to vote for Huckabee for sure.

This is disturbing enough – but then the candidates are getting in on it too. Huckabee himself says my security plan, “Chuck Norris.” Now, I admit this next part is funny, when heckled, Huckabee said something to the effect of, “Don’t make me send Chuck out there.”

I don’t think Wilford Bradley has the kind of appeal and pull that Chuck Norris has, but according to one website, “The right thing to do is vote for McCain.” What will see next, a Fergie endorsement for Clinton? Wonder what candidate would want an endorsement from Britney?

Oh, and Chuck, just in case you read this and decide you want to come and kick my behind-end – remember that my alter ego does jousting as a hobby. I will happily harness up in my armour and do a best of three or even twenty passes with you any day you would like. Then you can proceed to whip up on me once we get on the ground and out of armour I am sure. And one last thing Chuck, maybe you should run for president yourself in 2012 – no impediments like Arnold has in your path and I would consider a vote for you depending on just how tough you are four years from now.