Code is Poetry

codeI have not done much coding at all the last several years and really almost none professionally.  I have had the occasion of late to apply my skills at some limited coding when I was making some alterations to the most recent theme here on the blog.  In the process of doing that, I realized just how much I missed it.

Granted, I was not doing anything that was super complex or deep, and I was only making modifications to code that someone else had written.  And I guess that is where some of what appealed to me on such a deep level came from.  The guy that had written that the code in that theme was clean and rock solid – which in my experience is not usually the case with most theme writers.

Guess I should clarify for the lay reader, by code I mean of course computer program and by coding I mean the act of programming or creating/modify a computer program.  And to take it a level high, that is the instruction set that tells a computer how (or subset of computer these days, such as a browser) how to behave or what to do.

I should get back to that a bit more often, if nothing else, even as a just my hobby of an evening late at night.  Of course if I could pick up a few extra dollars with something that would be great too.

Last word is code is poetry, especially when done well.