Coffee Mug – End of Era

MugThe other morning I tried to do to many things at once and because of that I dropped my favorite coffee/tea mug as it slipped from my grip and broke the handle off of it.  No problem I though, I have all the pieces and can glue it back on at some point later, maybe and if not I can use it without a handle for the most part.  But with sadness yesterday I realized that there is a hairline fracture in the vessel now and sure enough this morning I noted that there was a leak from my tea… When my wife saw the broken mug handle later in the day, she let out an audible gasp.  She knew just exactly how much I used that mug and how much I liked it.  I think she liked it almost as much herself, at least that is what I tell myself.

I am not really sure where to go with this post now.  I could lament the good times me and that cup have had.  Many a morning with my preferred coffee that has cooled enough to be what I call the perfectly “gulpable” temperature… Or the more recent often cup of tea as coffee has begun to really bother my stomach – and all the while catching up a bit on my web browsing, general reading, or even starting a blog post.  But alas, I knew when I saw the crack the days were numbered, and likely a small number at that. The mug itself is really nothing fancy, but it was one of a kind.  Purchased as a replacement the last year I attended Gulf Wars (there was previous one just like that was taken) – there actually two at the time.  One for me and one for the wife.  I broke hers sometime ago though, as I used it almost exclusively.  It was kind of special to me because of the associated memories of several years worth of Gulf Wars.  And then there was the markings that were very similar to the first cave drawings known – a horse! There are other mugs to be sure, but that one was just the perfect weight and shape.  The perfect balance of everything.  And it was a bit larger than most mugs too.  Which allowed for the right about of sweetener to be one packet to a full cup of tea – unlike the rest that we have which are much too sweet in my opinion in the cup to packet ratio.  Heck, I even liked that blue to green color combination a great deal. Farewell mug! PS – if anyone knows the potter, let me know, as I would gladly pay for a couple more and cover the shipping to boot – I just don’t recall the name to locate them.

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  1. It clearly shows how much you loved your mug from your “good bye” note, but there is a time for everything. The mug has to go now and guess what, a new one will come and you will love it as well.

  2. Hi, I stumbled across you blog while searching for “MephEstos” and read your “cup” blog. I too am a lover of “cups” I find in my travels. Were the “special” cup mine, I would still have glued it back together and “retired” it to a shelf where I could occasionally stop and smile at it, remembering all the good times. Hope you stumble across a suitable replacement soon. :-). From one cup lover to another. LOL

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