Corporations are NOT people

Constitution of the United StatesCorporations are NOT people.  I said it before back when the Supreme Court made the first rulings that started us down this road and I will say it again, the rulings that give corporations the same constitutional standings as people are flawed and will have bad unintended repercussions.  

Given my general agreement with Jefferson, that we should not have corporations in general, but at the very least the legal standing they have should be extremely limited this should come as no surprise to anyone.  I come back to my previous argument – that they do not have constitutional rights and therefore are not entitled to such things as the right freedom of speech.  Sure, the individual members of any organization, as citizens, have such rights, the corporation itself does not.

While the wealth of some individuals does allow them the ability to greatly amplify there speech and hence the message they are putting forth, the nature of corporations puts their ability of amplification to a degree of such magnitude the common citizen speech is all but non-existent and certainly not likely to be heard.

Wake up America – if we keep heading down this road without some sort of reform on this front, it will not be our computerized overlords, but rather our corporate overlords.  Come to think of it, the case could be made, that we are not far from that point now.

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