Daylight Saving Time?

TimeWe are a week and a half into the change over to Daylight Saving time for the year, so I am little on the late side with this, but I have been thinking it all along.  Do we really need to have Daylight Saving time any more? 

The whole idea was to give some more time at the end of the day and save some on the expense of lighting that would be required at that time.  Of course this flew in the face of farmers and such who had a cycle of getting up with our slightly before daylight and working until dusk anyway.

But the big question is just how much is saved in regards to lighting these days.  And the bigger question is does it really do that much for us?

And I will give you this caveat, I really like the longer evenings when it gets to be spring for extra daylight while fishing, so lets just make the daylight savings setting the standard and be done with it.  That gets us the best of it all, we saving whatever we will save and have longer daylight hours of the evening.  And lets face it, there is no savings to be had during the winter whichever way you go, as it is dark before and after work regardless that time of year.