Dear Share This…

Share ThisDear Share This…

I have been a long time user of your software, especially the plugin/widget version that has long been available for the WordPress platform, as well as similar on some other platforms. I admit fully, that at some point in the past I did give a different multiple sharing tool of a similar nature a try, but after seeing little reason for switching across the board, after the sort experiment I returned to your fold of users. Not only have I been an avid user, but I have blogged positively of your tool several times and have in fact encouraged other users to pursue usage of your tool as well. There are so many positive things I have liked about your product as you have moved forward with it, including the ability to customize and configure to suit my own needs, look, and feel.

However, the discovery made this morning with your updates to the back-end of things have completely turned me off and I will no longer be such a fan of your tool going forward. Specifically, the tool now, instead of going directly to either Facebook or Twitter as it did just a day or two ago, now  prompts me for credentials and my approval to allow your Share This tool access to my accounts on those social media platforms. To compare, a few days ago, since I am almost always logged into those tools, without the need to authenticate and grant permission for your application to access my accounts, I just got the window in a new tab pre-filled with the information about the link I was about share.

I realize some of this change has been brought about click once and share to many design you were discussing as the next advance the last time I read your blog about your upcoming features. However, I will strongly point out the information shared to say Twitter, with its various hash tags is usually very different from the short readable blurb that goes to Facebook, both of which are extremely different from say Stumble Upon, with its different categories and ability to add a short review of the link. So, the need of this ability to click once and many is in itself something that is not only not really needed, but which really, to most users, does not really make sense.

That being said, I really do not like having to give you access to read information from accounts in order to process and pass on the share information to populate the various social media. In fact, when I look at the information you are wanting access to, it really does not make any sense at all for you need access to most of it, unless of course you plan to use that information for purposes that I, and most others would likely find distasteful.

In short and closing, it is only because of my pressing need to finish preparing my week-long escape from reality coming up Sunday, that keeps me from replacing/removing your tool immediately. Know though, that upon my return, your tool will  be removed several blogs and other websites because of your distasteful push in this unacceptable direction, without even giving users an option to opt in or out.



** – Image, well you see the copyright.  Though that brings to question his usage of the logo of Share This as the main element of the image and still having a copyright. That would be like me changing one word in a post and claiming it as original work.

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  1. Hi there, we saw that you are disappointed with our current beta test.

    We are A/B testing our version new widget right now and only about 50% of our users are seeing it. You can use the following line of code to prevent users from seeing the new widget on your site:

    var switchTo5x=false;

    Once we are out of beta we will offer a parameter in the widget (or a different version of the code) to disable the OAuth and do direct post.

    If you have any more questions, concerns, or general feedback; feel free to email me at sragan at sharethis dot com

    –Steve R

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