Dirt on My Tires

Truck DirtNoticed the other day that my truck has some dirt on the tires and even more up on the side of it. Was a reminder of several of the places I have been of late. Which in itself was a good reminder of who I am and where I have been, many of those places being things that I have only gotten back to just lately. Thought it would be an appropriate post for number the 365th post on the blog – which is a years worth if they had been one a day, but alas, that is not the case. The blog is actually coming up on its third year here pretty soon. Anyway, let’s get on with some of the dirt that has ended up on my tires…

  • Been a few weeks or so now, but it all started with hauling a horse for someone. It was a day that had a good share of rain earlier in the day. Went out to my Mom’s farm to pick up my trailer and headed out some back roads near to Louisville. Picked up the horse and had a good conversation with the barn owner and horse owner. Headed on out to just the edge of Lexington, oddly enough down some back roads there that I used to cruise around on a motorcycles when I tuning them. Getting back to do horse stuff on some level was such a good thing and getting paid for it was even better.
  • I let a good friend of mine talk me into taking a fishing trip with him. Granted, most of the dirt was on his tires for the trip, as he hauled his boat. Though I did back his truck down the ramp (that was ugly) to get it back out. Anyway, that was a blast and reminded me just how much I do enjoy fishing, something I have done very little of the last three or four years and really not a lot in the last ten compared to it used to being an almost every weekend event. Since then we have went back once more, this time I drove and I have also been several times to the lake/pond in the park that I call my backyard.
  • Got out to the farm to take care of my own horses and get in a little bit of riding. I have been back several times, as it is the fly season and Angel has such issues with the flies during this time of year around her face. I think I have mostly under control right now, but it is about time for another dose of the stuff.
  • In addition to that trip out the farm, I have also been to several equestrian events the last few weeks, none of which have been a great deal of dirt on the tires – though all have been picking up or dropping off the horses in the mud and the rain. Some of them were just symposium/training with the SCA and others were actual jousting events. All of them have been a lot of fun.
  • Somewhere in the middle of all this, I had some scrap metal that I had been collecting for a bit, along with some other minor amounts of recycle materials. I am not sure why, but the scrap yards are almost always muddy and surely always have a hole somewhere with muddy water in it. It makes me feel good to collect enough to make the trip worth while and contribute to recycling while getting paid. Though in this case, it was questionable in the amount – I did run into someone who knows my brother and we had a good conversation over the small amount of the check I got in return.
  • A little bit further back, but after hauling the horse to begin with, a good friend of mine had some part of the family get somewhere with a broken down truck. Not a big deal normally, but in this case, they had hauled pigs. Remembering a time they picked me up when I blew a transmission with horses a few years back, I volunteered to take my truck and trailer and pick them up. By the time we got loaded out (show people are not always farm people and it was slow in front of us) it was pouring rain and the bay was at the bottom of a hill. Lots of mud, rain, and pig stick but the conversation was good and all got back just fine late in the evening, though I was closer to just in the morning. It did make me long for the day of when I had the farm and pigs myself.