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edX LinuxI am a big proponent of life long learning as most everyone knows.  Further, I am a big proponent of unless needed otherwise, mostly learning at ones on pace.  And best option of all, free education is by far the best, especially if it is of a high quality level.  This is where edX.org (note the .org, not .com) comes into the picture.

edX.org is a site I have used for a little bit and I can highly recommend it to everyone, especially those in the technology fields.  How does it work?  Basically, as I understand, big colleges and universities offer some classes on the site – along with a few other educational types of places.  Most all classes are offered with a small fee, which will lead to a certificate of completion in most cases, or as an audit for free.

Like I said, unless you specifically need to show you have completed the course, audit them – as many as you wish from what I can tell.

Course range the gambit, but do tend to focus on the technology sciences more.  I have seen course ranging from nutrition to psychology, with leadership and of course all manner of programming and such in between.  And these are legit university level course in a cases – including such esteemed halls as Havard and MIT for example.

I personally recommend the Intro to Linux class, offered by the Linux Foundation – even if you have been using Linux for years.  I assure you that you will pick a few things up out of the class with just the audit option.

** – Image is from edX for the Intro to Linux course.

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  1. Will definitely look into it. I had considered taking some online courses just to keep up with technology as my C++ skills are so old…

    1. That is exactly where I was coming from. I was thinking it had been a long time since I had a class in Linux and as I thought about it, I realized I never had one. Using it almost daily gets you a long way, but a more formal class like these almost always uncovers something. I am going to take a couple of the programming classes later this spring as well as I have not done much programming in several years.

  2. What a great resource!! I’m going over to check it out. I’m always looking for new information on all sorts of topics (marketing, personal development, time management, business development, “every day tech solutions”, and so much more!) and this looks like a fabulous place to get quality education for free or minimal cost!

    1. I highly recommend it for at least some of your topics. I have not looked as in depth on some of those, but I hope you find classes that will suit your needs. Good luck!

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