Emotional Correctness

TEDOver the weekend I heard a snippet from a TED talk talking about emotional correctness versus the much more accepted and used political correctness.  The basic premise was that I do not have to like your ideas or point of view, but as a human I should respect you and keep that in mind during discourse with you.

I wish I had not been in the truck on the drive home and just having caught a snippet of it, as the topic and general idea was interesting.  As I generally find most TED talks mind you.

However, I am curious about one thing, that was at least not addressed during the brief time that I was listening.  Part of what I think makes most discourse, and especially that of a political nature,  so divisive today is the ability to just cut out entirely the other points of view.

If I don’t like a thought or direction something is going, instead of having to hear it out and hence maybe consider it, I just flip the station.  If I look just a second or two I can easily find a station that gives something out on the same topic that is much more in line with my own point of view.

** – Image is TED Talks logo.