Everyone’s a Winner

WinnersI am sure this is going to make me sound like a major ass, but I am really tired of the everyone has to be a winner mentality.  I strive to be winner in most things that I do, or why bother doing them?  But, despite that striving, there are plenty of occasions when I am not the winner.  I live with it and move on to the next thing that life has to offer.

What has brought this up?  A week or two ago, a couple of teams in California played a basketball game.  The score at the end of the game was a very lopsided affair, like 160-2.  A bit more background, the dominate team was 1st or 2nd in the state, the loser was among the bottom ranked state teams.  The coaches had agreed that the first half was going to be a full on game, as the dominate team had stiff competition coming up and need to run the offence in a real situation.  The second half was all second string and still scored over 60 points.  The net result – the coach of the winning team was suspended for two upcoming games.

Look folks, life is a going to have wins and subsequently it is going to have losers.  If you don’t like that idea, than I would suggest that you abandon America all together and pursue a life in some communist state – after all that is kind of the philosophy of communism.

I personally believe that we just coddle our kids way to much these days.  We want to protect them from everything and make them have few obstacles.  And we certainly want them to win everything they attempt, deserving or not.

It does them a disservice in life though to do this.  They then expect life to be that way.  And it goes so far that they expect to start the first job in the corner window office with totally unrealistic compensation packages instead of working they way up at least a few years and proving themselves.

Let you kids fall and fail on occasion.  I can assure you that they will learn a lot more from an occasional failure then winning everything.

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  1. It rarely feels good to “fail,” but when it happens there’s usually a lesson to be learned. So the next step takes you closer than the last one.

    1. It does not feel good to fail, but if there is a lesson learned it is all good. Often the lesson can be just the motivation to do better in the future and hence avoid failure,

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