Facebook Issues

facebookVery quick and short blog here.  Well, that is the intent as I start this thing out.  It was pointed out to me by a friend this eve that the blogs had not been coming through on Facebook as a post and that is where she got the information.  This really kind of disturbed as I use that quick little button link to do that automatically as a post to my profile, which pushes it out based on some random theory that is only understood by those out there who understand advanced statistical methodologies.  As some folks post things that I see right away, others take on average of two to three days to show up, and yet others I see nothing of their posts at all but will yet see them on someone else’s page from comment post.

Now let me point out first of all that I have putting the links into the BlogNetwork Tool sporadically which is another way to get to them from there on Facebook.  In addition to that, the tool itself picks up a regular feed from it.  However, that is no excuse for those of you that was getting information about my newest blogs from the posts that I was posting there on Facebook.

After some close investigation I realize that the problem stems from some cleanup I did sometime late last week on what Facebook applications had access to what.  I restricted the access that the ‘post’ application had to the actual profile wall.  My little button application, and indeed, my ability to directly post any links was restricted from occurring.  I was being given an error message in the same little area that it normally tells me the post was successful and because of that I had failed to really pay any attention to it.  In addition, you don’t see your own profile typically, but rather you have a home page that does not include your own links and such for obvious space reasons.

Certainly explains why I had about a 20% drop in my average readership last week that I could not explain.  Everything is fixed now and I am posting the links for last seven days or so.  I am going posting two or three at a time to not completely overwhelm.

One additional thing that I learned this evening.  The official logo has Facebook spelled just like that, Facebook with both a lower case f and b.  That runs contrary the Facebook that I have een most consistently using here on this site. My apologies on that.