Fall – Cricket Chirp

cricketThe other morning, Sunday before Labor Day, I think, I was in awake rather early and heard the delightful chirp of a cricket.  Actually at first I was not quite sure what I was hearing, but as I sought out the sound and got closer it dawned on my sleeping awareness that it was indeed a cricket.  Really not anything to get excited about, except that I have always associated the chirp of crickets with the onset of fall – which is my favorite time of year.

It was an almost fall like morning later, when I actually did get myself out of bed after having been up until nearly four the night before (yes, I had gotten my self very distracted with something fairly technical).  To my amazement, the cricket – and the by the sound of it, the very same one, was still going strong after about a four-hour stint.  Now maybe, he had taken  a break in the interval of my actually getting some sleep – who knows, but he was still going.

A bit more investigation suggestion he was in the duct work in the kitchen – near the window that is beside the cupboard.  At least when you walked close to that area or the washer – across the way went into a spin cycle, he would quite down for a short bit and shortly, go again.

Anyway, I was just quite taken with the thought that fall would soon be here.  Or at least that is one of the indicators of such to me.  I suppose part of that is from the tobacco fields, which always seemed to have an abundance of crickets in them.  I know early in the morning and later in the day, just around dark they would go kind of crazy with their chirping.  Of course, the could be heard in the fields of cut tobacco just about anytime of day, but especially at the two extreme ends of the day.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing isn’t?  I can all but smell the dirt of the farm along with that unmistakable odor of Burly after a day long wilt in the sun.

** – Image By Ghouston (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commoms

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    1. We do hear them all year long, but it is especially noted in the fall for me. I think that some that is because of the cutting tobacco this time of year and being much more out ‘there’ with them. Thanks for sharing!

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