Fantasy Football Fanatic!

Fantasy FootballFantasy Football  is the biggest advantage the NFL has to ensuring the overall audience that the could ever home to have.  It has me watching games that I only have a modest interest to see one of my fantasy players.  For instance, last night I watched the game way after I thought it was decided for Green Bay, just because I wanted to see how many fantasy points Julio could pack on to my win.

So last year, I played in some leagues with the NFL’s own version of Fantasy Football.  And while I like their platform better than that of Yahoo, playing with some friends is much more fun and so I moved there this year.  I will not ever do more than two leagues again, as there are way to many times even in one team you end up rooting against myself.

Clearly it is a geeks game of numbers in origin – I am sure originally played with pencil and paper tracking stats – but with most good geeky things it has become computerized.  And with that become very much an everyone’s game.  I have no idea how many people participate, but it has to be a lot.

It is just amazing to me, even in regards to myself, how excited I can be for a team to at the last second make our league’s play offs and follow-up with a first round win.  Imagine how excited I will be if I should win the whole shooting match.  And wow, would I love to find a good fantasy baseball league to get into now…

** – Image from Busted Tees.