Few More Random Things

RandomI am still going back through the posts that have been made over the years here on Mephistos and editing, mostly for grammatical correction, though there are a few photograph and video issues that I am cleaning up in the process as well. A particular post that caught my attention a day or two back was entitled twenty-five random things. The post consisted of, you guessed it, twenty-five things – but not just any twenty-five things. They were random things about me. I like the concept and decided to re-visit the concept. Not sure how many I will have, but I will give it a go and see what we have in the end.

  1. I much prefer drinking out of glassware or ceramic. This is true in regards to plastic or especially paper and styrofoam. I will also accept pewter, wood, or leather, with of course an appropriate finish for those times when doing historical reenactments of various time periods.
  2. While on this thought of drinking, I generally prefer to be without a straw if I am using an actual glass, even in a restaurant setting. On the rare occasion of soda and styrofoam or plastic cup I will prefer a straw (the plastic edges get ate up in the washing process often). I think this is because of my environmental preference, but honestly they put too much ice in sometimes and other times the straw is on the table and I am sure tossed when they bus it.
  3. On this theme big time – and one I am sure most people know. I prefer water with lemon, coffee, and the occasional diet Mountain Dew or even more rare, diet Dr. Pepper.
  4. One last entry with this theme and then something else. When I do have a soda, I really dislike the fizz. I will shake and stir to get as much gas to leave the beverage as possible. A two litter that has had about three or four hours since opening is just about right in my view.
  5. Slightly different, I like bourbon, wine, and beer about all equally.
  6. Bourbon should be out of a bottle and shared or better yet, straight over some ice. Occasionally, just a touch of diet Coke – but that is more for a non-smooth sipping bourbon.
  7. Beer is something I tend more toward the medium to dark beers. I start at the red/amber like Killian’s Irish Red and go on up through Smithwick’s. There is a point where the bitter becomes a bit too much for my personal taste.
  8. Wine was something I really did not care for so much up until the last four or five years. I mean, I would occasionally partake, but not really a big fan. But an acquired taste has hit and now, a good wine tending even more toward the dryer end is enjoyable.
  9. I believe the wine taste has developed in part because of the ease of home vinting, which I indeed enjoy.
  10. Ciders are also pretty darn good, especially a good crisp one that is not overly sweet.
  11. I am currently listening to Ace of Base. Not sure why, but somewhere I got the CD as a freebie. Not really my cup of tea musically as a general rule, but every once and while it can be a big motivation in getting juiced up to get things done.
  12. Ace of Base is not as good about that motivation as the various U2 albums I have tend to be, but those are more for programming and such deeper thought processes of that kind of nature.
  13. They stocked the lake behind the house a couple of weeks ago with trout. Brings up a couple of questions. Worth getting the $10.00 trout permit to go after some? What about actually trying to use some fly rod equipment? Then again, probably heading toward too cold, or is it?
  14. I prefer the old style clicking keyboards, like what came on the PS/2 systems and that era. At least sometimes. I am not sure why though as it does require more effort and the other keyboards work just fine.
  15. I do not really mind the smell of pigs. Of course, when I had pigs they were mostly allowed to go inside and out and were in really low numbers in regards to concentration of animals over the acreage they had available.

** – Image from draves.org (creative commons licensing)