Finding My Muse

Elijah Craig BourbonFinding Un-leashing my muse. You may have noticed over the last few weeks months that my blogging has been less than regular. I had an epiphany a couple of days ago though about that which has my muse bottled up. Now to be sure, I have had a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months, especially with figuring out what has been going on with me and diagnosed with MS, but there is more. I have this focus with perfection that gets in the way of my muse way to often.

So the getting in my way is just that. I get to my blog of an evening (when I actually do most of composing, despite the time posts that often show up) and I get distracted by the one little thing that does not look perfect or that one plugin I have been thinking of trying to get set up and never seems to work exactly right. So, I go into work problem solving being the hero of the day (and blog) to get everything fixed just the way it should be.

Then I find myself two hours later, without having written anything, having perfected that little thing was bugging me, not only here on Mephistos, but on all the other blogs that I run or have anything to do with as well. Even those that are still awaiting full launch, they have all their wrappings perfected for that days version of perfect at least. Do not get me wrong, the look and feel of a blog is important, but without content, and especially a good stream of new content, no one is ever going to see the look and feel of the blog.

One of the things that kind of got me kicked back into high gear with starting to actually write blog post again was have a few drinks the other night (when the epiphany actually occurred) and then proceeded to actually work on one of those little issues. An amazing thing happened along the way though. After a few minutes and about three new blog subjects popping in my head, I stepped away from the perfected things and wrote.

I do not even remember which blog post it was now, but it felt good to actually get some content up on here. By the time I went to bed that evening I had another full entry ready to post the following day and several notes about several other blogs to follow-up with for future entries. No, I have not hit every day since then, but I am sure a lot closer to that mark then I had been in a long time. And I sit here writing I am keeping that going.

Now, one has to wonder, does that mean I have had a sip of my favorite bourbon every time I have composed a blog post the last couple of weeks? No, not actually, though maybe that in and of itself might not be a bad idea on occasion. No, the actual thing was by having that sip or two of bourbon the need for perfection was dropped down a notch or two. The concept of ‘Good Enough‘ was remembered, and most importantly, recalling it is a blog and that its purpose is not to look good, but rather, to allow me to express my opinions and thoughts about whatever is its purpose.

** – Image from Elijah Craig advertisement.