FoodThis past week, after seeing one of my favorites, the band BLCP I took a friend to see a movie. The movie was kind of odd, in that it was a documentary. But I had been wanting to see the movie Food for some time and it was playing downtown at the Kentucky, just a few blocks over from where BLCP was playing at Thursday Night Live.

I just really wanted to get a post out there about this movie, but I have several more to follow-up. This one is also going to be very short. I am actually very tempted to say something like go see the movie, here is the URL to the information about the movie and what it is about. After you see it stop eating fast food, start thinking about where your food comes from, and visit a farmer’s market or better yet a farmer soon to get a real perspective on your food.

It does, however need perhaps a little bit more explanation than that. So the movie food is (as I said above) a documentary that focuses on the industrial nature of our food system here in the grand old United States of America. That is not to say it does not exist elsewhere, but we are certainly the leaders in this area and we, as a country, suffer more from it I think that anyone else.

The movie itself has a LOT of information and probably should have been broken into a couple of different ones, which is something some of the reviewers had to say about it. Though I am not completely sure that it would have had the audience it had if it was broken into smaller parts to be completely honest.

So quickly, the movie really does push us toward knowing where I food comes from, where it was produced, buying locally and with knowledge about it, and of course with minimum impact on the environment as the food is being produced. What is not to like about that set of thoughts? I will wait and address some of the more specific points after folks have had a chance to see it. I have not looked at the schedule, but I am sure it is playing through the next few days at the Kentucky (and likely not elsewhere anywhere nearby, due to the nature of it, but when I saw it on Thursday there was a good crowd at the theater).

Enjoy the film and eat locally with a thought about the food and where it comes from and how it got be on your plate!

* – Image is from the movie Food and I am sure that will appreciate you visiting the site!