Gandi Web Hosting

GandiBehind the curtain, I have also changed my hosting platform.  I had been an avid supporter of Lunar Pages for some time but there were a few hiccups that did not get resolved to my complete satisfaction.  I bounced around a bit and did use Linode for some time over the summer, which is a great platform for reasonable pricing.  However, you are really on your own as to server maintenance and such – which started to feel too much like the office.  Some additional searching has landed my sites at VPS hosting with Gandi Web Hosting.

It has been so long now since I left Lunar Pages I do not recall the exact reasoning.  I know part of it was some outages that never seemed to be acknowledged by the LP folks, always blaming it on outages with the internet between me and the hosting site.  The other thing was the higher price structure to achieve what was an affiliate payout structure.  My conversion rate was always just high enough to keep my interested, but never really high enough to make a dent in my hosting fees, especially when compared to what I could achieve in lower price hosting solutions at other places doing hosting up in the cloud.

So, I jumped to Linode.  Absolutely no complaints on the service that is offered, especially for the price.  It is a true VPS with total control of the server that you set up and install.  Of course, with total control comes total maintenance of the server.  While I loved being able to use the server to do testing and such for any project I was interested in, it was an almost constant effort to keep all the patches up to date and close the latest discovered exploit that could make the system vulnerable.  That really started to get old and was to close to overlapping my day job, so something had to give.

I did look into a lot of potential options, even briefly considered going to be Lunar Pages and for short month or two, while still figuring things out retried Host Gator as a temporary stop despite my previous bad experience with them.  Then, almost as timely as could be, somewhere on some forum (maybe Reddit?) I read regularly someone mentioned  Turns out the company seems to be based on France, but has a pretty sizeable operation in the good old USA.  They are much more than just hosting, offering Domain Registration first and foremost, along with several other services.  However, the VPS hosting was at a price point that made sense for me and extensive searching really did not find much out there that complained about the services they offered.  Been with them going on two months now and really no complaints at this point.  I do think I may need to bump up the memory in my package if I get traffic built out like I had this time two years ago, but at the cost bump that would not be a big deal to do.  I highly recommend them and for a change I do not get a kickback for doing so.

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