Global Warming & Science

oops!Did anyone else notice the whimper that was heard coming out of the media the last few weeks in regards to the investigation into the science of the global warming? Did not figure you really did. Remember back a few years ago when a few scientist were questioning the theory and then someone suggested that some data had been falsified to further the support the theory? It got media play for weeks and even months, but when that is reputed by a study funded by the Koch brothers of all unbiased (or biased the other direction) people it gets no attention at all.

So let me recap here the last several years of the science of global warming, or as it is now called, trying to be more politically correct, “climate change.” A few years back this theory was brought forth and basically suggests that we emissions and greenhouse gases, often produced from the burning of carbon based fuels we are slowly increasing the temperature of the earth. From that the inference is that the earth will eventually have major problems that result ultimately in life as we know it coming to an end. In the interim of course we have rising seas, melting polar ice caps, crazy and extreme weather patterns, and so on…

At about that same time or shortly there after there were a few scientist that suggesting data was inconclusive or even pointed in the opposite direction of the theory. And in the last couple of years, there was a huge fiasco that said some scientist based findings on falsified or incorrect information to support the cause of the theory anyway. This gave some folks the ammo they wanted to go gunning for the theory. And as noted above, those folks and the media went crazy with the issue.

Recently, a study funded by the Koch brothers, who are involved in the energy industry probably more than anyone else, found that the evidence is supportive of the theory and is indeed correct. So, science seems to be right with the theory and science, working as it should, multiple studies – and even trying to disprove the theory leads to a greater and more general acceptance that the theory must be correct. And what happens in the media? Nothing.

Actually worse than that. In some media interviews about the topic, having nothing in science to support the denial of the theory now, what is being said? Roughly, “It is science, and only scientist really understand that stuff, so how are we to know if it true or not?”

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