Nature’s Finest

NatureKentucky has a law on the books for a specialized license plate that funds “nature” and helps the preserve the great outdoors.  The law, allows for a number of plates that when purchased at $10 over the normal cost allows for that $10 to go to the funding of Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund.  As I was looking into this as a possibility for my wife’s Edge coming up in a month or so, I found out that shameful acts by the state government (namely both legislative branches and especially the governor, who proposed the budget, raided the funds). Continue reading “Nature’s Finest”

IT House Cleaning

Old Computer Equipment
Old Computer Equipment

I have been working in the Information Technology field in some regard or another for just about 25 years.  My current employment has been for just about eight years.  It is amazing the amount of old technology that accumulates in such a short window of time.  IT folks, myself included, are notorious for saving this cable and that electronic gizmo because we never know when we might need it.  From time to time a clean out is needed… Continue reading “IT House Cleaning”

Gas Hike Reason

Gas Buddy LogoI am pissed!  Last week, middle of the day on Tuesday a station in the smaller town I was in raised their gas prices as I was going by from $3.29 to $3.65.  I let my wife and a couple of friends know that they should get gas if they were close to in need via text a little while later, anticipating that a big hike was in the works across every where.  I also waited with much anticipation to see what crazy stuff was going on somewhere, whether it be a refinery fire or shutdown, escalating stances from Iran again, or just some middle eastern uprising crisis otherwise that was causing the spike.  And nothing, no news at all, and though oil threatened higher on Tuesday,  the next 2 days oil prices actually fell sharply downward.  What the heck?

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Torn: E-books vs. Paper Books

LOTRI know, I have had this debate before, but I am still being torn between the idea of which is better – the traditional book, made of paper that is printed on, especially a hard back volume and the e-book reader version that I can get so handily on my Kindle device (or for that matter my iPad, laptop, or even desktop computer). I keep thinking back on all those wonderful years I have had with books, but similarly keep thinking about the pluses of the electronic edition and some of the greener ideas behind it as well. I was especially thinking of this today while watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies this afternoon, based upon probably my favorite books ever, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Small Business Saturday – November 26

Small Business SaturdayJust as the promotional materials for the Small Business Saturday event say, first there was Black Friday and then there was Cyber Monday… For those not in the loop this is a promotion to try to push shopping, to some at least some extent, on Saturday after Thanksgiving with small businesses. It is even implied to do so with local small businesses, which is even better. It is a good idea and something I am very much in favor of doing myself.

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Global Warming & Science

oops!Did anyone else notice the whimper that was heard coming out of the media the last few weeks in regards to the investigation into the science of the global warming? Did not figure you really did. Remember back a few years ago when a few scientist were questioning the theory and then someone suggested that some data had been falsified to further the support the theory? It got media play for weeks and even months, but when that is reputed by a study funded by the Koch brothers of all unbiased (or biased the other direction) people it gets no attention at all.

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Plastic Back to Oil

OilI saw this article back around the first of the year sometime that talked about a machine that could turn plastic bags into back into oil and was pretty excited about it. I meant to write about it at the time, but I heard someone mention the process in passing at a ballgame of all places and thought I would go back to it. After a little bit of searching I was finally able to come up with the original article about plastic bag back to crude oil machine and to save you a bit effort, here is the link –

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Yellow Pages Waste

Yellow PagesAnyone else noticing that the more obsolete the phone book and consequently the yellow pages are becoming how many more different variations of that once major source of information come to your house? My guess is that the reality is not only are the becoming obsolete but a vast majority of them, like the ones that randomly show up my house sit unused or maybe go straight to recycling without ever having been opened. As a friend and I were discussing the other day, when was the last time you used one those archaic devices to find a service? Okay, I admit if you are from a certain older generation and have not adapted to the modern technology such as the internet or the latest smart phone maybe you are still using them. Then again, you are also not reading my blog in all probability.

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Gas Buddy

Gas BuddyNot sure what you were thinking when you read that title, but if you are any of my siblings you are wrong. Gas Buddy (actual site is is a pretty cool site that shows the gas prices in a particular area of most of the gas stations. It is updated in real-time by volunteers and generally for any area with decent populations stays pretty accurate. How exactly would you use the information? There are a couple of ways…

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