Federal Reserve Screws Mid-America Gas

Oil Price ClimbingAnyone else noticing around a 10% jump in gasoline pricing this week? You can largely think the federal reserve banking system for that. Yeah, the same folks that were largely involved in the wall street bailout because several brokerage banks were too large to fail have screwed middle class America once again by causing what will likely end up being over $3.00 per gallon gasoline in the very near future. I am sure some of you are saying wait just a minute, what can the federal reserve do to effect gasoline pricing and wasn’t there a refinery fire this past week as well?

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Election Day Blues

VoteI am sitting here the night before the election and really perplexed about who to actually support in the major elections tomorrow. There is a part of me that really just almost wants to sit it out this time through as I just can not really settle on any candidates in any of the races. Granted, part of the problem at the local level is having just moved here to Nicholasville in the summer and not having a good pulse of the local politics. At the level of going into the state house and especially Congress, I am really at a loss and wondering at the extreme ends all the candidates seem to be mostly taking. I suppose the one relief is the special interest groups and their advertising will be over and the crazy campaign signs will be coming down.

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Random October Observations

Graphene CrystalI have not had a good list of those little observations in a long while, partly because most things of late have been a longer post. However, I have come up with several shorter pieces of information to share over the last few days. They range from some comments on the Nobel Prize for Physics concerning the invention of a graphene to the tea party’s hijacking by the likes of Glen Beck and a very personally disappointing Sarah Palin. Somewhere in between there will be some comments on about how I think Toyota got a raw deal from the government regarding the recall, but that really goes back to September. Mixed in there somewhere will be a little bit about the FreeCycle concept what I think is wrong with it working as well as it should.

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Comments and Ethics

EthicsI am left with some kind of an ethical question that I seem to have a bit of issue resolving. I certainly know which I am leaning, but I invite readers to make a suggestion or comment on the matter. The question is one of comments made about a blog post, but not made here on the blog site. Instead, as so much of my promoting the blog site is done on various social networks including the likes of Twitter and especially Facebook, good comments are often left on those mediums instead of back here on the blog. That is, in itself perhaps not surprising. However, it derails the conversation here on the blog that some could be involved in that are otherwise not seeing those things on the secondary sites like the afore-mentioned Twitter and Facebook.

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Technological Observations

Solar PanelsI have more than a few of those little three or four line observations regarding the technology field. Thought I should get a few of those posted before they become to stall for actual usage. Again, technological oriented blogs here, tend to not get as much readership up front, but long-term they do make up in numbers and will often surpass other posts over a lifetime. Anyway, that is part of the argument I am using to go ahead and post this despite it being over a long holiday weekend.

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Cost Savers

Pennies Add UpWhile at the grocery last night, I made the suggestion to my better half that we get cream cheese in a box versus that in the container and save a little bit in the process by simply using our own container when we get home.  The idea carries over to a few other grocery items.  While I will fully admit none of them are going to amount to huge savings individually, if you add all of them up together it can result in some fairly significant savings, especially over a years time.  And in this current economy, who could not use that?

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Dirt on My Tires

Truck DirtNoticed the other day that my truck has some dirt on the tires and even more up on the side of it. Was a reminder of several of the places I have been of late. Which in itself was a good reminder of who I am and where I have been, many of those places being things that I have only gotten back to just lately. Thought it would be an appropriate post for number the 365th post on the blog – which is a years worth if they had been one a day, but alas, that is not the case. The blog is actually coming up on its third year here pretty soon. Anyway, let’s get on with some of the dirt that has ended up on my tires…

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GuacamoleIt is summer time and we are getting a regular trip in at the farmer’s market. In doing so, I thought it was time to share some of my recently explored recipes. Those of you who know me, know that I am known for dabbling in the kitchen and that usually I come up with pretty good creations. So the other day, when we were checking out after getting a specific item I wanted from one store we saw a burger with a guacamole based spread on it and decided to give it a try.

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New Residence – Outside

Magnolia BloomThe wife and myself have a new residence as of the last couple of weeks. We are still getting settled into the townhouse, though things are coming together nicely. Still a lot of things to be done to get everything put away, organized, and especially decorated, not to mention the downstairs/garage area where I get to have my shop again. That all being said, one of the biggest reasons that location appealed to me was the park in the backyard and the general outside environment.

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