First, my sincere apologies. I know there is a silent hush and even a gasp or two that I did not continue my huge running record of eight days in a row with at least one blog posting. Sorry folks and my apologies. I will try to make up for it some today. I had, to say the least a rough couple of days lately, and while I am sure some of that will come out more here shortly, it doesn’t necessarily all need too and it especially doesn’t need to be in this blog. That is no excuse though and had I not gotten distracted for a good bit with emails and such at around 11:00pm yesterday, when I sat down to compose this, I would have probably keep day nine in a row intact as well. Speaking of records, one was set here yesterday, the most pages viewed here at the Mephistos blog ever!

On to the subject matter. I was talking to a friend today and was told it is hard to be happy oneself if one’s own happiness is tied totally to another person. Now maybe that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it did kind of too me. I am very saddened by a recent turn of events and I admit that I was about to completely lose it – just what exactly it is, I am not sure, but I was about to lose it at the time of the conversation. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while a HUGE part of future dreams, goals, ambitions, and just things to do, things to have, were being built around a person, not all of them necessarily are. There are huge holes in those dreams and goals that, well, really can not be accomplished without another person. And frankly, I think those are important dreams and goals to have. But, what I wanted to do was list some of the goals, dreams, or just general things that will bring me happiness without that special person. And just so anyone reading knows – I do think any goals achieved with someone to share them with are all the more special and apt to bring that much more happiness.

  • Continue getting in better shape, both weight going down and physical ability/endurance going up. Have been considering for some time the joining of a gym and I think I am going to do that this Friday.
  • More time spent with horses – though this one is a no thoughts required and it always makes me happy, I have been very busy this summer. So to facilitate this as occurring even more, I am moving the horses to a boarding establishment much closer to my work probably next week.
  • Traveling, though I do a LOT of this already and enjoy it immensely. I am getting a kick-start on this one by taking a trip to somewhere this weekend, as yet to be determined on the details. I still want to do that trip to Europe sometime soon – though my original intent had been to do that this spring.
  • Getting a better on my vehicle situation – this will entail getting the older truck running soon which I have neglected to spend the time it needs. Trading old truck and car for newer truck (with 4 doors and all the general things I want) later this fall. Prior to that, probably taking money out of savings and buying a decent horse trailer. And lastly, to help with fuel expenses and be green (by using less fuel) get a motorcycle over the winter. And don’t get me wrong, I love the little car – but I need something to haul horses with and I can’t justify two regular vehicles in my life right now.
  • More historical activity – which is a tricky one, as I was planning on doing more of these with the person, dipping into some other periods and just having fun with some changes. I think I will still do some of that in the future, but for the near term I am going to focus back on SCA a bit more, attend a LOT more events and get into heavy fighting – been off and on about that a bit lately, but attended a practice this eve and it was a good thing – even told the Prince of Midrealm in 4-5 years I would like to be where I can compete well in a Crown Tourney. I got armour out last weekend, it still needs some work though. And I have always wanted to move toward more authenticity, though some stuff is pretty good, some stuff I have is not so much. Consider it a goal, a full weeks worth of authentic apparel for Gulf Wars next March.
  • Something I enjoy, but have not done much of lately, is making, or more correctly, changing the state of things with my hands. Wether by hammer and forge, cutting away wood and screwing, or just sculpting something with the grinder I just get a joy out of figuring out and doing things. Unfortunately my shop stuff is all pretty much in storage.
  • Acquisition of land – you know I am so up in the air about this one. The one side of me really wants to have the little farm, with a few animals and especially the horses – doing the work with draft horses. The other side of me though has really enjoyed the last 7-8 months where I could do whatever whenever I wanted without any being locked into finding someone to take care of things, and I could board the few horses for the short-term until I got more ready to settle down. And there is the “up in the air” part. I am ready to settle down, but I think this whole land thing should be something that is shared with another person. Maybe I should remove this one from the list. Well, anyway, I know if I actually got the land it would make me very happy – so even though I am not sure I will pursue this one with a huge gusto yet, I will leave it on the list.
  • Different living quarters, well this is one with the other person involved I was not to worried about. Iw as here very little during the work week, travelling most weekends for one thing or another, and kind of already thinking about a general direction of where I was going in the next year or so, maybe less. However, this is not where I want to be come December unless there is some near plan to make a change by then. So, I will be starting to look for something else then – something that can probably support a couple of the other things here.
  • Good food, especially home-grown, and cooked – which I love to do, both the growing and cooking. Alas, I will have to be sad about this one, as I know someone who had the most wonderful looking tomatoes growing last I saw them – but I am planning on doing some cooking for some group of people sometime soon and that will make me happy. Just have to figure out what group of people and what to cook.
  • Money – well it is not that money itself makes me happy, nor even what it can buy per say, but rather that with money I can afford to do the things I enjoy doing, like doing travelling, jousting, getting/making armour/garb for SCA stuff and such – and to that end I am very pleased with my sometimes annoying and sometimes getting toward stressful job.
  • To be my own boss is one that would make me incredibly happy and I always seem to get distracted on this one when there is another person around and do pretty good with when alone, so actually a huge opportunity to get going on this one.

Well there is enough of an immediate short list to make me feel happy about it. Granted, there are a few things that would make me even more happy with another person but those few that I am thinking of you can’t really do alone.