Hero: Glen Campbell

Glen CampbellThis one comes up because of my wife and I exchanged a couple of smaller Christmas gift last evening.  My gift from her, a Glen Campbell Greatest Hits CD, which has been on Amazon wish list for a couple of years.  I have been listening to it last evening and again this morning.  A wonderful gift indeed.

Aside from the obvious of being a very talented musician, both as a singer and guitar player with his numerous hits that would take a while to list, there is also his well documented and heroic struggle the last few years with Alzheimer’s.

While it has certainly taken its toll on mental abilities, it was interested to note that it never (seemingly at least) impacted his ability to both sing and especially play the guitar.  Apparently it did impact his ability to recall the words to songs that he had performed for countless times and he relied on a teleprompter in the last tour he did.  Even so though, he still go the melodies and tune right.

My only regret, well I would have liked to have seen him in concert myself.  He has completely retired from that with this last tour complete now.  Another great one, though still here, lost.