Home Front

Home FrontA very pleasant surprise that I stumbled into last week when I was driving home from the corporate IT conference in Chicago is a radio show called Home Front. I discovered the show when I dropping the Indianapolis radio stations and getting into the range of the Louisville broadcast, just slightly after 8:00pm or so. As I scanned the dial I heard a good sounding bluegrass sound and stopped on WFPK, out of Louisvile, an old friend from the time I used to head up to Louisville on a regular basis. Turns out that was not the only blast from the past that was to come from listening to this show…

The show itself is a wonderful format that does mostly local musicians playing in front of a life audience at a specific location there in Louisville. I do not recall the exact location, but I believe it is located downtown and depending on just how well my memory is working, once upon a time it was a church, perhaps. Aside from that, a couple of months out of the year they have other music, apparently recorded at other locations, such as music festivals and outdoor concerts. It still focuses on the local music scene though, and still has the feel of what could maybe be found on a front porch with a bunch of musically minded friends.

As for the type of music, I have now listened twice. Actually the second time is right now, as I am composing the draft of this entry on Wednesday evening. The first episode was a couple of different bluegrass groups, recorded at some location in Indiana. I should note, it was very good stuff and I have looked up a couple of the songs from one of the performance groups since then. Tonight is a wonderful blues mix so far and promises to be so for the rest of the show. I am not absolute, but I think I have heard this one person before. The question is was it a LONG time ago at Blues on Broadway in Lexington or just a long time ago at Stevie Ray’s in Louisville? Regardless, I will be looking forward to tuning in again next week to see just what John Gage will be having on the show.

John Gage, that is the other blast from my own past. I suppose he has been around and part of the local Louisville and even wider Kentucky and Southern Indiana since before I even appreciated music. He is the host of the show and indeed, it would seem his dedication to the local music scene is almost his religion these days. That is at least the suggestion from reading up on him in the last little bit. That is interesting especially, as I have heard him play a couple of time of the years, but I know him personally from his having performed the wedding ceremony of my first marriage, as he is a minister as well. Matter of fact, the meeting with him took place before and between sets at a gig he had. Once again, I am just amazed at times just how small the world really can be at times.

Enough of that though, give the show a try on WFPK out of Louisville (91.9 maybe, and with some NPR relationship?) at 8:00pm on Wednesday evenings. You can of course catch the streaming through several venues as well.

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