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United States SealThe story goes something like this.  A high school student in Vermont, who is studying the great Latin language (a personal lament of mine that we did not have such available at my high school).  Anyway, she felt like Vermont, who has an English language state motto, needed to, like most other states and indeed the great United States itself, needed a Latin motto as well…She reached out to a state senator, who also liked the idea.  And after a bit of going back a forth a suitable Latin motto was settled on and it was solicited for comments.  A couple of important points are needed here for clarification.  First, the English motto was not being replaced and molested in any way.  The Latin motto proposed actually has a historical root in Vermont’s own state history.

On to  the comments, found within the article that a friend shared with me via Facebook…  It was not clear to me to in general what ratio the comments come in, but it is clear to me that Vermont is a rival to our own commonwealth (Kentucky) in the uneducated department.

The general tone of the comments that were presented in the article were that people did not want any Mexican, Central or South American mottos for the state as that state, in general is American – and we only need an American motto there.  As if that was not enough, read through the comments.  The general lack of a firm grasp of English (not American mind you) by most of the commentors was just appalling and certainly put them in contention with the most backward speaking places in Kentucky.

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  1. Hi there… I wrote the article you linked to. In answer to your question about the ratio of ignorant comments:

    The ones that confused Latin with Latino were a fairly small minority — less than 10% of the 500-plus comments on the TV station’s Facebook page. There were other categories of ignorant comments which I didn’t address. Many wrongly believed that the Latin motto would replace Vermont’s current English-language motto, “Freedom and Unity.” And a whole lot of commenters said this was a big waste of time, why doesn’t the Senator get back to running the government, etc., etc.

    In general, wherever you go, you’ll find a share of ignorant commenters on any TV station’s website/FB page. I thought it was notable that Vermont, despite its liberal tolerant reputation, was no different.

    1. Thanks for much for the additional insightful information regarding the article you wrote. I found it interesting in the same way you did. I know Vermont has a reputation of being a liberal stronghold and because of that I found the comments all the more interesting. Thanks once again for the both the original article and the follow up comment!

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