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Nature’s Finest

Kentucky has a law on the books for a specialized license plate that funds “nature” and helps the preserve the great outdoors. The law, allows for a number of plates that when purchased at $10 over the normal cost allows for that $10 to go to the funding of Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund. As I was looking into this as a possibility for my wife’s Edge coming up in a month or so, I found out that shameful acts by the state government (namely both legislative branches and especially the governor, who proposed the budget, raided the funds).

TopCashBack – Get $15 Free.

Not my usual thing, but I had such a good experience with e-bates back earlier in the year that when I saw this deal I figured why not. So the basics are sign up with TopCashBack. Click the link I have provided below and purchase a gift card from Raise. A few weeks later get your $15 in your TopCashBack account.

Code is Poetry

I have not done much coding at all the last several years and really almost none professionally. I have had the occasion of late to apply my skills at some limited coding when I was making some alterations to the most recent theme here on the blog. In the process of doing that, I realized just how much I missed it.


Not sure if anyone else saw the segment yesterday morning on CBS’s Sunday Morning show about subscriptions, but it was so spot on with my feelings toward subscriptions. I can remember back in the day when, as was referenced, you purchased a TV, brought it home and you had TV for life for free. Albeit that was in the day of being lucky if you had 3, maybe 4 channels with PBS. And then came this thing called cable and you had to pay a monthly fee to get a few more channels and the Jeanie was out of the bottle at that point.


I was thinking the other night when driving out late away from town on one of the few clear evenings we have had of late, how many more stars that I could see. That brought me to the some memories of when I lived in the mountains of Virginia and I could see perhaps around a million of more stars that I was seeing the other night…


Ebates is a rebate and savings site that will, apparently result in either money sent directly back to you in the form of a check on things bought at a LOT of websites. I have not begun to explore it all, but I have already gotten a $35.00+ check out of a recent purchase as well as a $10.00 gift card. Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to sign up on just the change you will shop a place on their long list.

Snowmageddon II

Been a couple of weeks now, but we were hit with a second major snow. This second major snow amounted to about 13 inches in our front yard. It did impact travel and as usual the grocery store shelves. Thankfully, the impact was a short-lived rough 24 hour time frame (unlike the previous one that was over a week). Anyway, very pretty snow fall pictures once again…

Daylight Saving Time?

We are a week and a half into the change over to Day Light Savings time for the year, so I am little on the late side with this, but I have been thinking it all along. Do we really need to have Day Light Savings time any more?

White on white

I have seen this problem a lot of late and I am not sure how come it is so recurring of an issue given the simple ability to fix it. The problem is using the same foreground colors as the background color, or at least colors that are close on the color palette. And while I would like to say it is a problem that I have only seen on the web, it is sadly, something I have seen a lot of television as well, both live broadcasts and yes, even staged shows that were filmed sometime ago…

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