Linux – Old Times

LinuxOne of the odder things about my new job is the use of a Windows machine, especially after hardly touching Windows outside a server or troubleshooting someone else’s computer for the last seven years or so.  So, I am allowed to put Linux on my work laptop, but for some reason it is giving me some trouble.  I was determined last night and so stayed up very late and eventually went to bed without success… Continue reading

Two Weeks ’til Christmas!

Christmas TreeI know I am going to hear about this from my wife, since I was so adamant about not starting the celebration of the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving…  But WOW has time flown by!  Do you all realize it a mere two weeks from Christmas as of today?  Thankfully, outside of a few small items for a stocking or two I am done with my shopping but it has really seemed to have gotten here in a hurry this year.

Continue reading

Fantasy Football Fanatic!

Fantasy FootballFantasy Football  is the biggest advantage the NFL has to ensuring the overall audience that the could ever home to have.  It has me watching games that I only have a modest interest to see one of my fantasy players.  For instance, last night I watched the game way after I thought it was decided for Green Bay, just because I wanted to see how many fantasy points Julio could pack on to my win. Continue reading

Epic Dryer Repair Fail

DryerA few months back we had lightning come in on the electric panel of the house.  A television, a garage door opening, a Roku, and a the dryer were among the casualties.  Of those items, the television was fairly quickly replaced and the Roku bowed out to an Amazon Fire TV.  The garage door is way down the list of things and was already being a pain anyway.  The dryer, well it was going to be expensive so we had to save a bit. Continue reading