Linux – Old Times

LinuxOne of the odder things about my new job is the use of a Windows machine, especially after hardly touching Windows outside a server or troubleshooting someone else’s computer for the last seven years or so.  So, I am allowed to put Linux on my work laptop, but for some reason it is giving me some trouble.  I was determined last night and so stayed up very late and eventually went to bed without success… Continue reading “Linux – Old Times”

Coffee Mug – End of Era

MugThe other morning I tried to do to many things at once and because of that I dropped my favorite coffee/tea mug as it slipped from my grip and broke the handle off of it.  No problem I though, I have all the pieces and can glue it back on at some point later, maybe and if not I can use it without a handle for the most part.  But with sadness yesterday I realized that there is a hairline fracture in the vessel now and sure enough this morning I noted that there was a leak from my tea… Continue reading “Coffee Mug – End of Era”

Hitting a Bird

Bird in FlightA few days back now, I hit a bird with my truck.  It was without malice but all the same the bird was hit.  Or rather the bird flew into the underside of the truck, but damage ensued all the same I am sure.  It made me rather sad and reflective about the situation.  A situation about which I have often thought about…

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Winter, Weather, & Snow

Snowy RoadI mentioned to my wife just the other day that the weather forecasting teams, local and national, had since around Christmas made predictions for three snows with a decent accumulation for our area of the country.  On all three of those past occasions, the road crews, both state and local had really put forth a major effort with both pre and post-treatment of the roads.  Over done in fact, given that on two occasion we were lucky to see two flakes accumulate in total.  My concern expressed to her was the what is going to happen when we actually do get a snow? Continue reading “Winter, Weather, & Snow”

Make Once, Sell Many

One to ManyI had an epiphany just a little while ago about what I have been doing wrong on all the little side business ventures I have gotten myself involved with over the years, with the exception of my farming adventures. I tend to get focused on production types of items, that require a good deal of input, usually my time, to complete the item. And in the end, I have just that, one item that is good to be sold. What most business ventures need to be truly successful though is a product, good, or service that you make once and sell it many times.

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Open Letter to Ky Telco Credit Union

Ky TelcoI am writing to you to express my extreme dismay and utter disappointment in your organization that come about as of the recent letter I received from you.  Your letter indicates that effective March 1st my account that I have with you will begin to be charged a $5.00 monthly service fee.  The letter goes on to indicate that this is because of the cost of my account and specifically in regards to having maintained an average daily balance of less than $200.00.  My first reaction was you have got to be kidding me and my reaction since that time has went to m a much more negative place. Continue reading “Open Letter to Ky Telco Credit Union”