Basic Rights

Free Raif BadawiRaif Badawi was supposed to get a second part of  getting a 1000 lashes (50 a week for 20 weeks) last Friday, but it was delayed for medical reasons.  In addition to his 1000 public lashes, of which he has already received the first 50, he is to serve 10 years for basically expressing his opinions and wanting a little more of what most of us  consider basic human rights. Continue reading “Basic Rights”

George Strait

George StraightIt is odd that I was pondering a blog about George Strait just this past Friday. I had been going back and forth on the angle until late Sunday night/early Monday morning, when I caught a re-run of a tribute to Straight on CMT where he is being honored as the ACM Artist of the Decade. Granted it originally aired sometime back in May and I am not completely sure where I was and what I was doing, but seeing this show pretty much made it a have to do deal, and so here I am with a few thoughts…

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Wet vs. Dry

We have an election concerning expanding alcohol sales here in Danville to include that of packaged sales. For those outside of the area, let me be clear – you can already get it by the drink in several establishments, as well as packaged in several nearby counties, including a less than thirty minute drive in at least three directions. And yes, you guessed it, I have an opinion.

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Miniatures & Nostalgia

Toy SoldiersI am not sure when this will actually get published, as I am just burning up the blogging today apparently. Long story short, but I have been going through some of my last boxes of stuff that I was thinking needed to be sold on eBay or otherwise donated. If you are interested most of it has been old electronics, a few things purchased for others that for whatever reason stayed with me, the occasional model train item that has managed to slip the through cracks, some collectible cards, and a few miniatures – you can can click here. It is that last group though, miniatures, that just stopped me in my tracks with a flood of memories…

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Blind Side

Michael Oher and Touhy'sWent with some friends to see this movie on the opening weekend. Actually had to go twice, as the first attempt on Friday evening was sold out – much to my surprise (and here I thought all the hype was New Moon but the theater was full for Blind Side). That all aside, the movie is based on the true life story of Micheal Oher and his adoptive family the Tuohy’s of Memphis, Tennessee. I admit I did not realize that it based on a true story and was initially interested in seeing the film because of Sandra Bullock.

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My Sunday

One Way Into a Locked Truck!Today has been about as filled with ups and downs as I have had in a long time. It technically started at what most of you would call late last night, but I will officially go with it being today. I have near disasters followed by some very uplifting experiences. Given that I thought I would share some highlights of my Sunday with you all. I may use some of these to expand into a more full blog later this week, but not sure at this point if I will or not.

Joey & Rory

Joey & RorySometime last fall/winter (though I actually started writing this in the early morning hours of the actual night of the concert), I had tickets to see what I think is one of the greatest things to come out of the country music scene in a LONG time. Yeah Joey & Rory, of CMT’s Can You Duet fame as well as those really great commercials that were especially active during the Christmas holiday season so recently passed. I almost nearly stumbled into the tickets, having caught a glimpse of the flier a week or two prior, I purchased tickets immediately without even knowing who I would get to go with me for sure. If you have a chance anytime soon it is well worth the $15.00 I paid for tickets to see this awesome duo live and in person.

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