Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see a concert that I had been trying to catch for sometime and the stars finally aligned in heavens correctly for it to occur. Willie Nelson played a show at the summer outdoor concert series at Horseshoe Casino and Resort over in Indiana just across the river from Louisville. It was a perfect ending to a good early summer day that had started with the afternoon at Churchill Downs, later watching the Belmont and realizing I had the winner and the trifecta, and then the playing and singing to one hit song after another of Willie in the outside air as the sun slowly set behind the hills to our west.

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Customer Service?

Thumbs DownThis is a total rant – so be warned – sometimes I just got to rant about something that is bugging me. What the heck has happened to customer service of late? Take that thought a step further, when was the last time the customer actually was right according to the establishment. So I am going to share a couple of experiences of late and see if what you all think.

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Geeky Synchronicity

Zero Hour - Crisis in TimeSo I am currently catching up on a show that a couple of friends of mine put me onto back a bit ago, called The Big Bang Theory. The basic premise of the show is there are four fairly geeky guy ranging from the pure scientist to the engineer, each with their own unique personalities. While the most geeky of all seems to not care, the other three are at times (in between debated theories, huge discussions of the perfect ethnic food, and the required playing of many and varied video/computer games) often engaged in one scheme or another to become more mainstream and socially accepted, especially in regards to matters of the heart or least the casual affections of a female companion.

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Kentucky Telco – Blah

Kentucky TelcoI do my local banking with a credit union named Kentucky Telco. Strangely enough they were started as a credit union that catered to telecommunications workers. I have been using them since shortly after having moved back to Kentucky, what seven years ago now. I love the actual branch in Harrodsburg, where I have done most of my banking. That is not the case at the Lexington branch though.

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Busted Flat

krisSo I am mulling over this blog in my head for the last couple of days and I finally have decided to put proverbial pen to ink. I kept trying to think about just exactly how to start this blog and finally it dawned on me, as it is definitely hitting the way I am feeling right about now. Busted flat in Baton Rouge, headed for the trains, feeling nearly faded as my jeans… – which we all recognize as the famous opening to Me and Bobby McGee, much more famous because of the version that Janis Joplin did, but in fact it was written by Kris Kristofferson. Oddly enough, while Kris himself did have some short-lived fame, his own musical career was probably eclipsed by his songs being performed by others. Continue reading “Busted Flat”

Beer Cheaper than Water

BeerSomething that I realized today while having lunch. It used to be that if you were dining out you could have a coffee or fountain beverage for a good deal cheape?r than you could have a beer to accompany that meal. These days however, that is starting to go the other direction. Much to my dismay it is not because beer is getting cheaper, but that beverages are just going through the roof from a pricing perspective. Anyway – some hero’s – anyone involved in keeping beer prices less than even water, much less soda-pops.

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Historic Inauguration

President ObamaI agree that with President Elect Obama taking the oath of office and becoming the President today was indeed a historic moment. I think that it is great that we live in a country where we have finally realized that we can have a black man as our president, even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of his ideas. Even with that, I will say it seems like,aside from the spending agenda, he is seeming to be more toward the center then one would have thought in general – and after eight years of Bush spending I guess everyone thinks they can spend anything and be okay – though now I am digressing.

What I was really getting at here was by making such a big issue out of the fact that this is such a historical moment with Obama being black are we not really doing a dis-service to everyone who has fought so long and hard to equal rights and anti-discrimination types of policies? I can hear people responding right now saying that by my even asking the question I am obviously racist or something to that effect or otherwise I would not ask, but I think it is a legitimate question. Fundamentally if the color of his skin truly did not matter, we would not be making a such a big deal out of it. And don’t read that wrong, I am fine that a black man is in charge – though I do wish it had been someone more in line with my political views (Colin Powell as an example).

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Kingston & Erin Brockovich

Coal Sludge SpillI was out a bit ago having dinner on the cheap and the phone rang. It was a dear friend of mine who particularly wanted to call me because of the hub-bub that was being caused in her store by the appearance of certain famous person. Turns out Erin Brockovich was in her store and had apparently caused a big stir in the local community. The funny thing was that Ms. Brockovich was standing in the only parking spot and my dear friend did not realize who it was when she pulled in to go to work and (ahem) politely asked her to move. Only later did she learn who it was and when the friend called Ms. Brockovich was wandering around in the store. Continue reading “Kingston & Erin Brockovich”

1387 Tortures

Second Hand LionsSpecifically it is the dungeon of 1387 tortures, a line that comes from Second Hand Lions, a movie of most excellent qualities. As I watch it on television for the umpteenth time that I have seen it I am reminded once again of just how much I love this movie. I am not sure the why I like it so much, other than as I get closer to where the two older men in the movie are in age I begin to understand the washed up feelings that are so represent in that movie. It is also worth noting that just about every person that I have ever watched that movie with at some point or another has indicated that I am likely to end up like the two main character and already have a lot of the characteristics that they have. Continue reading “1387 Tortures”