Search Engine Warnings for Questionable Sites

Cover of  Morozov's BookIt is almost believable to be that some one is actually suggesting this kind of thinly veiled move toward censorship, but that is exactly what Evgeny Morozov is proposing. Morozov is a writer of a book and researcher that focuses on how the use of technology tends to affect the social aspects of society at large, so his opinion piece recently suggesting such a move of labeling websites that may be based more on pseudo science as such has gotten a lot of attention. Now to be sure, after reading his opinion and listening to parts of his recent interview Q, his actual idea is to label the sites actually based on science or even move them up in the page rankings.

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New Insurance Law & Cost

Health Care Reform BillAnyone else there have an opinion on the fairly new Health Care Reform Law that is often called Obama-Care? I have been mulling this one over in my head for some time, considering various aspects of it as I thought it through and finally have some comments to make about the law. I have to admit, the libertarian part of me really gets a bit riled up about this one when I think about another thing the government is going to force me to do whether I want to do it or not. I get even more riled about it when I think about the folks that will then get coverage at a discount when I consider all the years in the past that I have paid for health insurance and scarcely used it. I will grant, the larger portion of that health insurance was picked up by the employer most of the time, but still, my pay would have in theory been more if not paying for it, right?

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Editorial White-Wash

Mark TwainTwo things have been in my proverbial crawl this week regarding the use the editorial pen to seemingly not acknowledge our own history. In fact, the two matters I am thinking of not only do not seem to acknowledge the history, but in fact seem bent on the rewrite of our history, in which the ugly parts of it are white-washed under the rug so to speak. The two issues, briefly are the newest version of Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in which the n-word has been replaced or eliminated. And of course, the reading of our most revered constitution on the house floor, but with things that reference the 3/5 counting of slaves and even the repelled prohibition of liquor were left out.

In regards to Mark Twain’s epic and classic work, I fail to see how changing the word makes the situation presented in the book any more palatable to anyone that would be reading it. In fact, one can argue that in his own way and as near as would have been appropriate for a man from the mid-south at the time, Twain was questioning the institution of slavery itself. I think, in my own mind Twain clearly was doing just that. I think also, just as Huck as the thought at some point that in reality, according to the letter of the law, Jim is just property, so to did Twain himself think at times.

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Few More Random Things

RandomI am still going back through the posts that have been made over the years here on Mephistos and editing, mostly for grammatical correction, though there are a few photograph and video issues that I am cleaning up in the process as well. A particular post that caught my attention a day or two back was entitled twenty-five random things. The post consisted of, you guessed it, twenty-five things – but not just any twenty-five things. They were random things about me. I like the concept and decided to re-visit the concept. Not sure how many I will have, but I will give it a go and see what we have in the end.

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Believe in Ghosts?

ghosts“Believe in ghosts?” That was the question that my wife asked me just a few days ago while were making our somewhat usual walk around the park. I suspect the question came up because it was an usually cold and dreary day, very late well past dark with the cloud clover and just felt like more a late October then early October. I think my quick and very definite answer of “No” took her by surprise just a little bit. But perhaps my follow-up answer to the question of spirits existing being a yes then seemed contradictory. A bit of an explanation on my personal believes in the matter of spirits, ghosts and energies then ensued. As the conversation was somewhat interesting and I thought of a few clarifications that may have been missed in the previous conversation, I thought I would share it here on Mephistos.

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Mosque Issues

World Trade CenterI am personally appalled at the spin job being done in regards to the mosque under consideration in New York City that is near to the area of Ground Zero. I am even more appalled at the lack of tolerance in other cities, where similar disdain to the rights of people to practice the religion of their choice here in these United States is clearly being ignored by citizens. The very same citizens that would be the first and loudest to protest if their own rights to worship as, how, and where they choose were suddenly limited in some way. I realize that my timing on this is a little late (I had planned to get this posted prior to or on 9/11), but unbelievably this is still playing out in the media, so I thought I would add my two cents into the fray on this issue. A list is forthcoming…

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The Origins of Species

Origin of SpeciesOn this date one hundred and fifty years ago the book, On the Origin of Species was published. Written of course by that sometime honored and other times maligned person by the name of Charles Darwin. The issues that came forth from the work clearly created division at that time and certainly continue today, perhaps even more so. Given this nice round date and some of the scientific based analysis that came from that publication I thought a short blog was in order.

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Now’s the Time….

GatewoodI find myself at one of my local favorite places this eve enjoying a beer awaiting the ‘Last Free Man in America’ to address the group that is slowly assembling here as he is getting a start on his campaign for governor of this fine commonwealth of Kentucky in 2011. If are from around the state you would have to probably be living under a rock to not know that I am speaking about Gatewood Galbraith.

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